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I visited the Aldi store in Azusa, CA over the weekend. I have been looking for a market to replace the hole left by Fresh and Easy. This is not it. Prices were decent for the knockoffs but the stuff just wasn't that good. We bought knock off Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but had to toss them as they were moldy when we opened the can the very next morning (and the expiration date on them was over a week away). We now question the proper refrigeration of all the fresh items there. So, sadly, my excitement for a new store was... Read more

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THANK YOU ALDI!! I have been shopping at Aldi for years. They have lower prices, better products, tons of gluten free and I believe that since they are really a European chain, their "off brand" products do not contain the funky dyes ad other contents and ingredients some here at other chains contain. I love their fresh produce and the prices cannot be beat. I hope this does not change, since they are growing rapidly in popularity! I'm a huge fan and wish they would replace all Walmart stores with Aldi Stores! Aldi, please, please keep... Read more

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Despite the few good reviews this place will fold quicker than a wet napkin, for one the biggest inconvenience is the bagging system, you have to bring or buy Your own bags, then after the checker scans Your items they put Your groceries back into Your cart then you have to move Your cart to a location where you have to remove the items AGAIN from Your cart to bag them Yourself, also before all that happens there is shopping cart manipulation that takes place, next their is quarter system for the shopping carts, the shopping carts are locked... Read more

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I won't be buying willow tissues anymore. They are way to thin, lost a good buy for me due to thin tissues. Add comment

So I started feeling light headed and almost passing out in my classroom, driving, and at other nonconsistent times. I went to the DR who did a complete CBC and fecal sample test (gross, I know , but it is relevant). As I left the office he asaid my BP was fine and maybe I was dehydrated... When the test came back, he called me and started with "Now I know you and I want to tell you not to panic when I tell you this. The CDC may be calling you.." OK, I panicked!!! IT turns out I had an amoeba in my lower colon (lovely), caused by... Read more

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I'm tired of my apples getting bruised by careless Aldi cashiers throwing them into the cart at checkout. Aldi organic apples now cost 6.99 a bag, the same as Publix. Publix cashiers don't throw my apples. I'm going there for a few trips until you can teach your cashiers to be more careful. Add comment

I was so excited about Aldi's coming to my neighborhood. But since they have I have found a roach in the bottom of a pancake mix box, bought items that my whole family loved for months and all of a sudden they don't have it anymore. When I ask they say "Oh, that is a seasonal item. Sorry". So, tell me what is so seasonal about chocolate shredded wheat cereal, ranch flavor rice crisps & coconut spread?? I am so angry about the coconut spread. I have to go to Giant and pay $4.19 for it and its doesn't compare to Simple Nature Extra Virgin... Read more

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DEAR SIRS: Let me start by saying I love your Jalapeno Kettle Chips BUT sometimes they lack flavor and taste like original plain chips, so disappointing when this happens. My money is good each time I pay and your product SHOULD BE THE SAME!!! Your quality control is not doing a good job. I get more bags without flavoring than with flavoring. PLEASE, FIX THIS!!! I have heard other customers complain about the same thing. Step up your flavoring with the Jalapeno Kettle Chips and make EVERY bag delicious. More flavoring and CONSISTENCY needed.... Read more

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I visited your store in Tampa toady for the first time. I noticed the it recently and visited your website and decided it was worth checking out. When i arrived i saw a line of carts chained up and thought it was odd but I assumed some carts would be available inside. I saw no carts in the store so I walked back outside to see if i could figure out what was going on. I then discovered that I had to pay for a cart. I needed to pay 25 cents to use a cart to fill with items that you want to sell to me? I had no change. I had also planned to get... Read more

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Firstly I enjoyed this meal, except I could not chew the green leeks!! When I read the list of ingredients it looked like you should rename it pork with leek and chicken as it sasys pork 95% and chicken breast inner fillet pieces 20%. Let me know if you have a similar product with more chicken than pork ,and white leak that I can chew.I know it will cost more but should be rewarding. Yours sincerely Martin Fontana, p.s. My friend and I do like shopping at Aldi Read more

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