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Advertised specials not available Advertised specials not available I went to the Woodbridge NJ store On Wednesday 5/25/16 at 9AM for the meat special on 3 different occasions all 3 time the advertised meat was not available???? This Wednesday I was the first again into the store to buy 80%ground beef reg 2.99 on sale for 2.29 sale price to be discounted at the checkout register as described in the sales circular, well I had the product in... Read more

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I opened this last package of Benton's fig bars and noticed they were awfully sweet. I then looked at the package and noticed it said "new & improved". I really liked the old version better. They're too sweet for me now and won't be buying again. I do like 95% of the products I buy and am very happy with the store. I especially like the Fit & Active marinated turkey roasts. I have had no problem and do like all the crackers and cereal. I also... Read more

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I tried and love mama cozzi's Sicilian pizza from Aldis in NW Indiana. And now they do not have them sure would like some more...jim Add comment

The F-ing DMV has better service than this dirt-hole store, rude as heck employee that made me feel awful. She was extremely friendly with the customer in front of me, and when it was my turn she was just rude as F***k. She handed me my pack of bread like I had the plague or something, so watch out for the rude low rate employee with purple hair. Secondly, this store isn't that all that great sure cheap prices but crappy selection. Can't compare... Read more

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So excited California now getting ALDI stores. My friend who lives in FL was here visiting took me to ALDI in Arcadia, Ca. Which was My first time at this store and I loved it!!! I couldn't wait to go to my local store in La Verne. LaVerne has very nice shopping consistent to the area. Knowing this I was sure this store would be better or as good as Arcadia. Well I brought another friend who was also new to ALDI, and wow I was shocked!!! Looked... Read more

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You have a fine Product and I have enjoyed it for years, but it is time to step up your game. I have bought your product as I find it comparable to Totinos Party Pizza, and frankly it is cheaper. Recently Totino's made a change to their product. They changed the shape to a rectangle. The Pizza is tha same size but now I can fit two of them on a pan. Also, they got rid of the box and now it is in a plastic sleeve. I can now store twice as... Read more

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Last Monday I went to ALDI,North Lake,Illinois.Ordered 40 cases of Large butter croissant for Saturday night.He collected my address and phone number.Today evening I went for pickup.No one in the store knows about it.Then I asked the counter staff to contact and ask him.She contacted him and replied like this."OK I forgot about that,I will be in store on Monday and he can order if he want"( I need the item today,05/14/16 and that *** ask me to... Read more

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Would like it if u stocked no sugar added icecream Add comment

I had a very bad experience when I was shopping at Aldi highway 6. The cashier name Jeremy rejected to have us buy some packs of eggs. Since the policies allows to have each person buy 4 packs. We came in with 7 people, he said he cannot let us buy 28 packs. This is a bad experience. It seems like he's racist, and embarrassed us in front of other customers. Add comment

I recently purchased a bag of Clancy's Corn Chips "original type" from Aldi's in North Port Fl,--"sell by 07/22/16"--code #271 23:01FP"--They were not good.There was so much remaining oil in the product that you could not eat the chips without getting an extremely large amount of oil all over your hand.They were like straight out of a fryer before the oil had dried off.I wont buy another package--I realize the price was small-but that doesnt... Read more

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