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Aldi Grocery
Main address: Customer Support 60510 Batavia IL
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  • 178+18 mobile complaints
  • $2.1K claimed losses
  • $11 average
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I have shopped at Aldi for years and I love every store I have ever been in Add comment


  • Oct 19
  • Food Stores
  • Kidderminster, England
  • Rude Staff Behavior
  • 160

i was shopping at aldi in Kidderminster, with my husband, in husband happened to notice they were advertising for staff, he went home and picked up his cv, and went back to the store to hand it in. we asked jon for information, he was busy on the shop floor , throwing boxes around, was so rude I had to tell him about his rudeness, and said he needed to go on a people skills training... Read more

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  • Oct 11
  • Food Stores
  • Manager Behavior
  • 3
  • 3
  • 128

I was shopping today at 76 in Camp Hill. 10/11/14 The Manager was rude he was putting out rolls and I said excuse me,and he seen me He moved and i got my rolls but as I am reaching down for them He picked a empty tray basket and almost literally hit me in the face with the tray. I never experienced rude conduct from this store before and I feel he should take his job more seriously as far as... Read more

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I witnessed some lil girl stealing and your fat *** security guard sat right there on his phone nn then them fake *** detectors dont even work thats why yall got one cashier cause yall aint making enough money to pay more employees tah work there Add comment

Meat is so expensive, more so than other stores. Several things I have bought were awful, soup, meat, asparagus frozen, chicken on a bun, frozen, which tasted like cardboard. I feel the quality has declined. Add comment


  • Sep 29
  • Food Stores
  • Mooresville, North Carolina
  • Food Return
  • 3
  • 3
  • 218

Never had any complaints with any cashier's attitudes at the Mooresville, NC store (#45). I will say I have only seen white female cashiers, no males and no other ethnicities in the two (2) years I've shopped here. No problems ever with cashiers over-ringing or ringing my items multiple times. I DO have a few complaints about returns and food. I have had to return food a few times and once a... Read more

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  • Sep 27
  • Food Stores
  • Turkey Meat
  • 1
  • 1
  • 164

Dear god, I don't know what you are now putting in this ground turkey but I now did a Google search and see that HORSE MEAT was the actual cause of previous issues. My stomach hasn't turned like this since I was a kid with the flu. I figured the first time it was a fluke but this second time has, unfortunately, helped me deduce that it was the ground turkey in both occassions. STOP turning a... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Food Stores
  • Lithgow, New South Wales
  • Chicken Taste
  • 46

The new & improved chicken *** tastes like *** are dry & have no flavour & white stuff oozes out while it's cooking & also not wrapped in plastic anymore please bring back the one before this that were shaped as a tear drop & the honey soy chicken kebabs you have changed the marinade sauce to some powered stuff that smells terrible when you are cooking them & have an... Read more

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  • Sep 18
  • Food Stores
  • Rome, Georgia
  • Ebt Card
  • 108

Manger had to key EBT number because cashier didn't know how to and since this was not the time time, responded with don't have the time to learn that because have to learn too much already. Store # 40 09/18/14 03:29pm. The manger called to do that job the other didn't know how to do, then said to move cart out her way. Red-haired one, didn't brother to get her name. The first time this happened... Read more

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  • Sep 16
  • Food Stores
  • Austin, Texas
  • Employment Interview
  • 3
  • 3
  • 159

Met hiring rep at Franklyn Simmons 073114 at Matthews NC location. Never heard anything. Called many times(at least one week apart). At first he answered his phone, now he just ignores my messages. Present for interview at Holiday Inn Sept 9, 2014 in Charlotte, NC. I was only older applicant and the only one with grocery experience and a degree in Management. Everyone who was present for... Read more

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