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I recently moved to a new neighborhood in the chicago area where their is an aldi store within a few blocks of my apartment so went to check it out. I was first shocked at the "deposit" to use a cart but another customer assisted me with the process. Overall the store was clean but clearly very basic bare bone product selection. I selected a couple dozen items which were mostly store brand but... Read more

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We are having a problem with every box of tissues. Part way through the box the tissues do not pull up when we pull one up another does not follow. We even have turned the boxes upside down and they still do the same thing. This is very frustrating to say the least. You need to have your packaging engineers take a look at this problem, because they appear to be folded wrong. The end of the... Read more

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*** disgustin bugs in my food 3 times from different aldis the *** Add comment

I recently shopped at the Aldi on Mason Road in Katy, TX and found the weekly ad deceptive. Mangos were advertised for 59 cents but the price above the item was 99 cents. The manager said the price changed in the middle of the week to $1.19 so she proceeded to change it. I told her the ad price was good until Tuesday and all other stores honor their ads. She didn't care, said that was the new... Read more

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Have returned 2 or 3 things in months. Had receipt, no problems. Add comment

I shopped at the ALDI in Cullman, Alabama and they literally throw your food back in the basket after ringing the items up.. can goods being chunked on top of chips, apples, pizza etc.. I went up to the manager and asked her if they train their employees to throw peoples food in a basket like that destroying my foid and she responds that they do have to go quick.. I told her I understood that but... Read more

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Aldi Grocery - Expired Yogurt
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Hello Aldi sold me an expired yogurt on December 2015. Please refer to attachment. the yogurt was expired on 2014 however Aldi stores sold it to me on December of 2015. I ate it and realized it was expired on my first try. Who checks the expiration date in every product they eat? I contacted immediately the customer service about the issue. They called me back and did nothing. they just asked... Read more

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I was in to check out and the cashier removed two tomatoes from the lady in front of me and told her that there was too many tomatoes for 16 oz. When I checked out she also did the same to me. I went to another Aldi and their tomatoes were shrink wrapped to insure correct weight. I returned to the original store and the manager stated that because he did not see it happen he could do nothing. We... Read more

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As a employee of Aldi I can admit to all customers and future customers that every product aldi sells to you the consumer is rubbish straight trash. The produce is almost all the time rotten. To save aldi dollars and produce the manager is to pick out all the rotten produce with their dirty hands and yes put it back on the rack or reduce the cost by any means. The freezer area- if a recent... Read more

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I started as a cas associate at aldi in chicago and its been a year until i quit ever since i started at the store i didnt feel welcomed by the store manager or employees if anything after awhile i felt discriminated and harassed. I put my all into my job and whatever i was asked to do. They treated me as if i was *** and made me feel belittled. After addressing the DM how i felt she actually... Read more

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