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Aldi Grocery reviews, Aldi Grocery complaints, read Aldi Grocery reviews, find Aldi Grocery reviews, Aldi Grocery scam reports
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  • 136 complaints
  • $1,735 claimed losses
  • $13 average
  • 23107 since Apr 21, 2008

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Aldi Grocery
Main address: Customer Support 60510 Batavia IL
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Aldi Grocery reviews, Aldi Grocery complaints, read Aldi Grocery reviews, find Aldi Grocery reviews, Aldi Grocery scam reports
  • 136 complaints
  • $1,735 claimed losses
  • $13 average
Had an experience with Aldi Grocery?
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  • 1 day ago
  • Miami, Florida
  • 2
  • 14

On April 17 I was in your Pembroke pines it was around 3 pm, cashier was changing shifts,the new cashier was so unfriendly she didn't say hi , she made a mistake on my receipt while she was fixing she did not say a word at all, she told me the total with bad tone ,I paid, she didn't thank me, horrible experience, I know customer service in all Aldis are poor because they always scan items as fast... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Rochester, New York
  • Bad Potatoes
  • 2
  • 18

I have complained before you potatoes have black spot in every one- Block spot can be caused by many thing -Black spots are not editable- this should be a corporate concern -since no one gives a *** on the local level- I don't want my money back- I want food that is editable- After cleaning the potatoes you are not getting ten lbs- Just because you give the money back does not solve the problem-... Read more

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  • Apr 11
  • Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Rude Cashier
  • 19
  • 56

I occasionally shop at Aldi in Spartanburg, but have decided it's just not worth the money saved! Every time I shop it's impossible to move around the store because of pallets of merchandise sitting everywhere. I understand they have to restock, but doing so during peak business hours is a pain in the butt for customers. My last trip (and it will be my last) my cashier was a girl named Adriana... Read more

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  • Mar 13
  • Middleburg Heights, Ohio
  • Customer Service
  • 4
  • 49

This incident happened somewhere beginning of March. I had two items with me at the checkout, can of ham and a gallon of milk. The cashier threw the can into the cart. I'm like really. I haven't said anything to her face yet. After I paid those items, she said have a nice day. Irony. Cause after she threw it, I was not happy at all. And this was not the first time I had a rude cashier. By the... Read more

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  • Mar 08
  • Essex, Maryland
  • Customer Service
  • 6
  • 103

I usually shop at the Aldi store in Dundalk at 2317 N Point Blvd, but I was very disappointed today. I had done some shopping that filled a bag and a packet of baking flour that could not go in to the bag.I was also carrying a sleeping two and a half year old child on my shoulder. I asked the ladies in the store if I could get some help carrying the bag to the car. I was told they did not have... Read more

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  • Feb 01
  • Wyoming, Michigan
  • Aldi Pop Bottles
  • 3
  • 66

Did not do anything returned 2.40 aldi pop bottles/summit pop cans as they sell them inside aldi one brand called gridlock cashier says we do not take this brand i say to her are you callinfg me liar manager comes up to me says get out of our store dont come back ever if i see you im calling police call po po *** snitches get stitches get *** up you dont have my *** im merking you dont go aldi... Read more

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  • Jan 27
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Customer Service
  • 5
  • 67

I went to Aldi on 104th & Blue Ridge, in KCMO yesterday morning and I went to pay for my groceries I has a small box that I put my groceries in. Well, I put the box on the conveyer belt then was asked by the cashier to remove the items from the box, so I did. But what she did was what angered me, after she scanned my items, she threw him in the basket then threw the box on top of them.... Read more

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  • Jan 17
  • Customer Treatment
  • 2
  • 84

I was at Aldi's today. I could not hear the employee saying to get out of the way because I have hearing aides and she approached from the back. The employee then slammed my cart, startling me. I told her that she scared me. She said something like, "then get out the way." I asked for the manager to make a complaint. I felt the manager was not listing to me. She just said she would speak to... Read more

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  • Dec 28, 2013
  • Management Disfunction
  • 2
  • 105

I went to my local Aldi store on Christmas Eve and I disgusted and appalled with the vast and I mean vast amount of food which was about to be thrown away. I am talking thousands and thousands and that was probably a fraction of what actual got thrown out, The huge big boxes they have size of pallets were full to the brim of food, steaks beef/lamb/salmon,lobster tails and more, the expensive... Read more

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  • Dec 21, 2013
  • Edgewood, Maryland
  • Bad Products
  • 4
  • 87

I've been to several Aldi stores and it's the same everywhere.The produce is half rotten, chips are mostly crushed, and customer service is totally nonexistant.Emplyees are rude, smart mouthed, unprofessional, and many times leave the registers unattended with customers waiting to be checked out. Management is absent and unavailable.When my husband asked to speak to managers a mad /girl that... Read more

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