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Aldi Grocery - bottled water

  • by   Aug 16, 2013
  • Review #: 440250
Company Aldi Grocery
Product / Service Agua Spring Water
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Category Food Stores
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I really like Aldi Grocery store but,. the complaint I have needs attention. The plastic water bottles are getting so thin that they will not sit up, especially once you drink some of it. I buy the spring water. I think every one buying water will say the same. I love the good deals on produce and other items. I would love to see name brand name diet sodas, Kraft manaise, low fat maragine. Gee I would not have to go to Walmart for any groceries.. I have introduced my daughter and many others to Aldi. Oh, yes they did make a big mistake by decreasing size of the Benton Maple cookies..


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Feb 08  from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Aldi in Chattanooga is full of low life costumers who don't give a *** about anything. There is one manager at the Brainerd location who does do a great job his name is James always has a great attitude and is very helpful, although his costumers who come in are pieces of ***.
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Nov 28, 2013 
I just found dirt floating in every bottle of Aldi spring water case I just bought and there is no way to call Aldi to report it. Gross.
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Jan 02  from Elmhurst, Illinois
Gross. Take it back. I hope you kept your receipt. If not, take it back anyways. You'll get a refund.
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