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Nov 23, 2009
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I posted this in another review, however I thought that this should be placed in its own topic and expanded upon!

I worked for them as a manager for a year, and in several stores as I was a floating manager from florida to nc and back!

95% of the opening managers DO NOT rotate the produce in the morning, they throw fresh on top, so more often than not there is rotten produce under the fresh produce.

You ever see those stickers $1 $2 off meat? If its put over the date the meat is dated and they are trying to sell dated meat (trust me I was there and I know how angry district managers get at the store manager for throwing out meat)

Freezer and cooler loads when they come in do not stay in the cooler and freezer! More often than not what happens is the loads come in 3-4 pallets, the pallets that are not being worked are pulled into the back room YES THE BACKROOM where there is no NO refrigeration at all, I have seen several stores working a freezer load for 1-3 hours with the freezer pallets sitting in the back room, same thing with the cooler! Why does this happen? Aldi cuts costs everywhere and instead of giving you a walkin you can work in they give you this skinny little room where you can't work each of the pallets!

Aldi does not give their employees proper breaks either, in the year or so I was there I NEVER ONCE took a 30 min lunch break paid or unpaid, yet they instruct their employees to punch a time for break so they don't get sued!

Aldi also does not rotate floor stock properly, for example In florida (st pete store) I went to cover some vacations, and found 6 cases of cereal which were outdated, among other things on the shelves that were dated and placed for sale!

If the store is not to grand opening standards at the end of the night EVERYONE is expected to stay no matter how late after your shift it is and get it fixed! Then the next day they ream the cashiers/managers for staying late because aldi refuses to give more than 1-2 cashiers and a manager in a store that does 2-5 thousand dollars an hour...

I could go on and on and on, needless to say after working there and seeing the things (including several instances of vermin in the back room where you would get yelled at for calling the bug guy) I will never EVER shop there, yes the prices are low, but you do not see what goes on in the back rooms, especially here in florida!

As for the cashiers, they are treated like garbage! They have to meet a certain ring speed (which is why they throw the groceries) or they get fired. If their drawer is off slightly FIRED, if they are more than 10 min late to work FIRED, The cashiers are lucky if they are smokers and their manager is a smoker because in an 8-10 hour shift they may get one break for a smoke, if you get anymore than that you are really lucky.

The floors of the coolers and freezers are never cleaned, I have seen SEVERAL stores in Florida with dried milk (from where it leaked) that upon going back to the store 2 weeks later and after telling management there it is still there. The only major time that they do any major cleaning is when one of the big wigs are coming, other than that you are lucky if you get a scrubber through that place at night.

There have been several times in my bouncing from store to store that they are selling dated bread and when calling out the manager who was there about this, they state "our dm is psycho I can't throw out that bread I have to sell it"

The dates are rarely if ever checked on many items and on many of my shifts I would find dated items in the cooler (milk, sour cream, cheese, lunch meats etc...) and upon taking them out to throw them away got yelled at for creating inventory problems.

As for pay, yes they do pay you a lot and there are good benefits, however you can rarely use them since you are working 40-70 hours a week if you are the manager. If you are salaried, your life is Aldi, if your stores sales arent up enough for the month, they force you to send cashiers home and work the cashier shifts even if you haven't had a day off in 2 weeks. When we opened here I did not have a day off for a month straight!

As for any of you wanting to get in touch with aldi, good luck, a DIRECTOR OF STORE OPERATIONS has stated "we don't have phone numbers published because we aren't going to pay someone to sit on the phone to listen to people ***** about things that we do wrong, if they really need to get a hold of us they can write a letter, until then its not that important" This is the mentality about customers at aldi.

If the levels of the canned goods or other items are really low DO NOT BUY THEM as they are likely close to going out of date and the store manager isn't ordering new because new stock goes directly on top of old in the dry grocery section. They have monthly rotations and spot freezer checklists but THOSE NEVER GET FOLLOWED!

Now yes the quality of the food is good for the most part, however there are so many things wrong with the operations and not taking care of items which have gone bad that I will never shop there again, speaking about things that go bad, it was not uncommon for the produce/meat that was dated or spoiled to sit in the back room in a buggy (yes a buggy that you use in the store) rotting for days! Sneak a walk into your local Aldi back room here in florida if you don't believe me, I guarantee you will never shop there again.

As for cashiers, they are also almost forbidden to have conversations with customers as this kills their productivity, if a customer asks something they are trained to be short, curt, and to the point to get the customer out of their line and move along to the next customer. They are TRAINED to throw the items into the carts like that, and if someone gets mad they call the manager and the manager is TRAINED to say whatever to the customer to get them out of the store.

All in all the aldi up north are great (NY, PA etc) but here in Florida, I wouldnt shop one if you gave me a $50 dollar gift card!

Good luck and happy shopping at publix or hannaford!

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Aldi Reject

Oct 07

Aldi seems to only hire young people right out of college for their District Manager program. This is age discrimination pure and simple. I have applied to this program numerous times and have never been contacted, even though I have tons of management experience combined with experience in operations, distribution, retail management, managing territories, responsible for sales of over $24 million, operational budgets of $17+ million, P&L responsibility, etc. I guess a 22 year old is vastly superior in experience to me......NOT!! Oh well, Aldi will gets theirs in the end!!

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Sep 30

The manager at the florence alabama store is an ***!

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Sep 06

I was actually going to mention how entirely opposite my experience is up here in PA, and you even mentioned a little bitty at the very end. I'd still like to offer some insight from the north.
First off, I'm really sorry for your experience! I am a store manager, and my impression on your experience is shame, shame on the upper management! By no means it's any of those things the will of Aldi's! They put so much stress on customer service, FIFO ( first in, first out), disposing of dated goods, and of course.... work morale! It is imperative or employees are happy, healthy, satisfied and their families are just as important. If anything, I would not hesitate to discipline for poor customer service, or stocking over top of older product, or worse, leaving rotten food. Our district's stores are pest and trash-free. Parking lot, aisles, pallets, coolers, floors and even bathrooms are to remain as clean and sanitary as humanly possible. As the Store Manager, no work is beneath me! I could not in good conscience delegate a task that I was capable to doing myself, given that staff and shift supervisors weren't already engaged with other projects or customers. There is a hotline to call, even though you are a former employee. Sharing your experience with HR could change the lives of a mass of southern employees! You should at least call. Maybe even your old DM, or RVP if your DM was a player in the unethical operations.

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Aug 31 Williamsport, Pennsylvania

I'm sorry, and I never really post on things like this, but as a current ALDI employee, I have to dispute much of what is said here. Some points, very minor, were true, but most of it could just have to do with that certain store's staff, because I can tell you, where I work the people who work there don't let half of these bad things happen. We are currently short staffed, but that doesn't mean we still don't try and meet the standards that our DM sets for us, and they are GOOD standards.
Our DM comes in once a week and checks nearly all the dates in the store to make sure they are properly stocked, and if not, she has one of the employees fix the major ones.
We are NOT allowed to cover the dates on the meat packages, because it can be illegal in some areas, and it is CLEARLY a health concern. If the meat does not get sold by the throw-away date, we toss it regardless of if it's one case or four. This is why we are supposed to rotate the meat boxed in the meat locker every day.
We are to sweep out the meat, cooler, and freezer walk-ins after EACH load, and that's nearly every other day, if not every day. Every three days we mop out the meat locker and the cooler.
The only pallets that are left out of their lockers when throwing truck are the freezer pallets, and that isn't even that long. It would maybe be 1-2 hours, but compare it to shoppers who sometimes visit many places on their shopping day and leave their freezer items in the car for that same amount of
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Special BUY

Aug 20

Most of the bad thing mentioned are true, the DM are rookies that just finish college and ones they give them a few stores they try to get respect intimidating everybody (screaming at you), respect is earned with hard work not screaming. True, pallets sit on the back for long periods of time, poor MT have to go to cashier functions if store gets busy, I have seen an MT on the register because he is running the store with only one employee or store associate for a couple of hours to cut hours, while he is there for a while he has a pallet of meat just sitting in the floor, no refrigeration. Ask any Deem tech (company that does refrigeration), the refrigeration system is the cheapest on the market, they is only have 1 system that runs the whole store, and is not a surprise that one morning you come in and everything is melted, because of the only 1 central system that refrigerate. What does the DM and PM tell you, let it cold and sell it, if it’s not good they will return it and get the "DOUBLE WARRANTY".... I can keep writing but for what. These people are bullies. (STORE MANAGER’S ARE PAID 50 HR AND THE WORK SOMETIMES 90 MAYBE MORE, TO CUT HOURS THEY MAKE THEM COME IN TO WORK FROM OPEN TO CLOSE) (YOU ALWAYS GET SEVERAL CALLS ON YOUR DAYS OFF, NEVER FOR A COMPLEMENT) AND BELIVE ME I HAVE MANAGE SEVERAL STORES IN FLORIDA, THEY HAVE A SECURE LINE THAT YOU CAN CALL IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG, SECURE, ANONYMOUS, I ALMOST GOT FIRED BECAUSE I REPORTED AN ISSUE)( YOU CAN NOT HAVE A LIFE... Show more

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Aug 10

As a current Aldi employee of 12+ years at a store level, cashier (or as we are now called "sales associates") and one time shift manager who chose to step back down, I feel that I HAVE to comment on this original post. While there are a few 'truths' to the original posters thoughts, most of what was written sounds like it is coming from a very disgruntled former employee. Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe the stores this person worked at were that poorly ran. However, I have a hard time even believing most of what I read because the first few 'points' struck out at me. Very rarely does a STORE MANAGER rotate between different stores. It sounds like this person was either an MIT (manager in training that must have had some issues to have been moved around to so many different stores) or just a shift manager. Ok, with that out of the way it needs to be said that the stores in our area do NOT operate like this. Outdated products are NEVER intentionally sold. Especially meat and bread. I can say that there are some stores that do not properly rotate their produce, but they shouldn't be allowed to do that for very long or their District managers will step in when customer complaints start flooding the internet and the customer service numbers (which, btw can be found easily on the Aldi website or from the Aldi Facebook page). It is true that each store does not have a published number because we do not have office personal in each store to answer the phones. It has... Show more

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Jul 20 Saint Louis, Missouri

I am a former Aldi store manager (I quit to go to become a lawyer) and I am getting a kick out of some of these replies.
While, on a whole, working for Aldi was not a particularly easy venture, there is a reason they pay so well. As for the requirements of the cashiers, yes, there is an expectation that they move quickly, because the costs are kept down by not having 20 employees in the store. If a cashier goes too slow, it's going to pull another employee from somewhere else.
To those suggesting they are not getting breaks, it is your responsibility to remind the managers that you need them. If the cashiers think they're busy, the managers cleaning up spills, stocking the shelves, answering questions, backing up the cashiers and literally everything else in the store are busy, too. All of my employees received their breaks. It's not Aldi's fault if an adult cannot speak for themselves.
As for the quality of the food, the people who "don't buy their meat" or think the canned goods come from China are all knuckleheads. The chicken and beef are Tyson, labelled with Aldi's brand. The turkey is Honeysuckle, labelled with Aldi's brand. The big giant hams sold at Easter and Christmas often arrived on pallets with Smithfield stickers stuck on them. The canned goods ship directly from the exact same factory that cans Green Giant. The cereal is all Malt-O-Meal. The milk in our area came from the exact same dairy that makes the biggest brand here in a Saint Louis - it was
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4 3 Reply

Jul 08 Florence, Alabama

I currently work for this company & it is aweful. The manager there treats me terribly. I get bullied into working extra shifts. He tells me that I need to earn "brownie points" . If I refuse to work the extra shift then Im told that I wont get hours the following week, which he has done. I have been called a liar & told that I wasnt liked, all by the store manager. Do not work for this company. They are aweful. Yes the pay & ins. are great but the abusive is terrible.

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Jul 07

Not true at all having 600 stores across the U.S there's bound to be one with an unprofessional manager. It sounds like you have a grudge against them for some unknown reason if one worker is bad and not up to standards dosent mean the other stores are, and it's the mangers(your) job to fix it. Meat is tossed the day after expectation date products are checked on a daily basis. As for cash registers they do not smash or break item by throwing in cart throwing would be picking up each item in the cart with force instead we are taught to slide item into cart using your other hand to set the item in the cart. I suggest you act as a manager instead of bad mouthing a buisness that speaks for itself.too bad for your accusations will be ignored

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Jul 18 Utica, Michigan

The comments are ignored because there is no one that has authority to speak with. Trust me. No phone number? Suspect..RED FLAG. Shelby Township, MI..Aldis Cashiers (2) of them said, " You do not want to work here, unless you have no family or no life." They also discriminate; young DM's do not hire people older folks. Go look for yourself.

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Northern Aldi worker

May 14 Paw Paw, Illinois

I work as a cashier for Aldi in Illinois. Everything you have just stated is true even up here. I am trying to move to Florida here soon and had been looking for opinions and wages on the Aldi's in Florida. Although I hate quite a lot about working for Aldi it is the best hourly pay and benefits I have been able to find for work. So hopefully the Aldi I work for now would be able to transfer me. Does anyone know how well they respond to state transfers?

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Jan 25

ThIs Isn't True For Every Aldis, We Clean And Scrub Every Night. If People Aren't rotating That's The People Not The Job. We Are Made To Scrub The BackRoom, Cooler,Freezer(Sweep) Few Times A Week.

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Ima fan

Jan 10

I work at ALDI currently and of course there are certain things cashiers are supposed to meet as in speeds etc. But as of this year the cashiers are now "store associates" in which speed doesn't matter. It's $ per hour you ring up.

Now, talking about the shift/store managers. We never sale dated meat. We throw it out, our district manager would rather it be thrown out than sold to a customer to make them sick. They mark the meat down, but it's a day or 2 before the meat is dated.

Also, our store ALWAYS rotates not only our produce, but we have to mark all the products in the store that needs rotated, & we have someone come in the mornin with a list of items and while we are doing truck we have to rotate everything that is marked on the list on the computer system. I'm sorry your experience at your store was like that. But all I'm saying is our store, managers & district managers are extremely careful as 100% about the customer. There are ups and downs to every work place grocery store or not. No need to try to get other people all worked up just because you're mad at the company.

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Dec 09, 2013

I worked at Aldi as a shift manager in Ohio and everything you are describing sounds exactly like what went on in the store I worked at. Aldi is a very selfish company and treats it's employees horribly.

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Nov 04, 2013

If what you say is true, have you reported this to USDA. If not, why not? I have not purchased meat there but regularly buy dairy. Lettuce sometimes is leathery and bananas go bad in two days (you can't buy just 3 bananas) but they are 20 cents a pound cheaper than some other stores. The fresh fruit, I feel, isn't as tasty and I do not like the soups. I read labels and do not buy goods that are made with palm oil so that leaves out most of their cookies. I do wish I could I could find out where they buy their dairy. I have not had problems with pasta, rice, oatmeal (although it is more processed than Quaker) and love the bran flakes. I don't buy packaged meals. You can make your own lasagne cheaper. Wherever you shop, take time and read the labels. I was a mother of four and felt feeding my family was one of the most important jobs so slow down and know what you are buying. I see people shopping and they just throw things in their cart. If I am learning stores falsify their dates on food, I'm going to report it.

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Sep 26, 2013

I have worked an Aldi store here on the space coast and it is nothing like what you are saying. We have lists of dates we need to check, we scrub our floors EVERY night. I always get all my breaks as does everyone else. I started out a cashier and went to a shift manager. You just got some crappy stores.

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Aug 20, 2013 Martinsburg, West Virginia

I currently work at Aldi's as a shift manager and our store is nothing like this. It sounds to me like maybe your managers and district managers weren't the greatest and that is why your stores suffered.

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Aug 01, 2013

I've just started at Aldi as a part-time cashier. It's a *** of a deal for a college student in need of some spare cash, plus the benefits are outstanding. I can't think of many other places where you can get decent health insurance for $10 per paycheck.

Concerning the info in this article....our store isn't like this at all. We edge mop and use the scrubber machine on the floor nightly. We sweep and clean bathrooms. We dump trash.

We make sure to rotate food when we put out new stock. Everything that requires a date sticker gets one. Also, when the foods go on an extremely good sale, yes, it's because they're nearing expiration. It doesn't mean they're going to immediately go bad the second that date approaches. Take advantage of the sale meats and freeze them for later.

I've gone on a break during each of my shifts so far, and I've been there for almost a month. The managers send everyone on break -- since there's only three or four of us, we all know when someone is sent on a break. Although I don't think any of our people smoke, still. It's enough time to eat something, run to the bathroom, and smoke a cig if you needed one. If anything, maybe it would convince you to drop the smoking altogether.

Also, what I like best about this job is that it is definitely not a "watch the clock" job. Since you're constantly helping a customer or doing something, the time really flies by.

Like any other customer
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3 1 Reply

May 08

First off....part timers ARE NOT eligible for health or any other benefits at any Aldi, so I don't know where your coming from. I've been employed as an eligible employee for two months at Aldi now. The first few shifts I got a break, because I was an "extra" person and after that.....forget it. To mention a break is like a sin at our store. We ARE timed at our ring speed! and yes....trained to "throw" the groceries in the buggy. To place them gently wastes time. Most days we have just one shift manager and one cashier AND THATS IT. how can that be good customer service, ever?!? I'm still very conflicted about taking this position, as the only one that gets enough hours is the store manager, who probably gets too many! We do edge mop and scrub EVERY night, and rotate. We never sell expired or rotting ANYTHING! As with every place and every job, there is good and bad

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