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Aldi Grocery - The Truth About Aldi

Company Aldi Grocery
Location Palm Harbor, Florida
Category Food Stores
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I posted this in another review, however I thought that this should be placed in its own topic and expanded upon!

I worked for them as a manager for a year, and in several stores as I was a floating manager from florida to nc and back!

95% of the opening managers DO NOT rotate the produce in the morning, they throw fresh on top, so more often than not there is rotten produce under the fresh produce.

You ever see those stickers $1 $2 off meat? If its put over the date the meat is dated and they are trying to sell dated meat (trust me I was there and I know how angry district managers get at the store manager for throwing out meat)

Freezer and cooler loads when they come in do not stay in the cooler and freezer! More often than not what happens is the loads come in 3-4 pallets, the pallets that are not being worked are pulled into the back room YES THE BACKROOM where there is no NO refrigeration at all, I have seen several stores working a freezer load for 1-3 hours with the freezer pallets sitting in the back room, same thing with the cooler! Why does this happen? Aldi cuts costs everywhere and instead of giving you a walkin you can work in they give you this skinny little room where you can't work each of the pallets!

Aldi does not give their employees proper breaks either, in the year or so I was there I NEVER ONCE took a 30 min lunch break paid or unpaid, yet they instruct their employees to punch a time for break so they don't get sued!

Aldi also does not rotate floor stock properly, for example In florida (st pete store) I went to cover some vacations, and found 6 cases of cereal which were outdated, among other things on the shelves that were dated and placed for sale!

If the store is not to grand opening standards at the end of the night EVERYONE is expected to stay no matter how late after your shift it is and get it fixed! Then the next day they ream the cashiers/managers for staying late because aldi refuses to give more than 1-2 cashiers and a manager in a store that does 2-5 thousand dollars an hour...

I could go on and on and on, needless to say after working there and seeing the things (including several instances of vermin in the back room where you would get yelled at for calling the bug guy) I will never EVER shop there, yes the prices are low, but you do not see what goes on in the back rooms, especially here in florida!

As for the cashiers, they are treated like garbage! They have to meet a certain ring speed (which is why they throw the groceries) or they get fired. If their drawer is off slightly FIRED, if they are more than 10 min late to work FIRED, The cashiers are lucky if they are smokers and their manager is a smoker because in an 8-10 hour shift they may get one break for a smoke, if you get anymore than that you are really lucky.

The floors of the coolers and freezers are never cleaned, I have seen SEVERAL stores in Florida with dried milk (from where it leaked) that upon going back to the store 2 weeks later and after telling management there it is still there. The only major time that they do any major cleaning is when one of the big wigs are coming, other than that you are lucky if you get a scrubber through that place at night.

There have been several times in my bouncing from store to store that they are selling dated bread and when calling out the manager who was there about this, they state "our dm is psycho I can't throw out that bread I have to sell it"

The dates are rarely if ever checked on many items and on many of my shifts I would find dated items in the cooler (milk, sour cream, cheese, lunch meats etc...) and upon taking them out to throw them away got yelled at for creating inventory problems.

As for pay, yes they do pay you a lot and there are good benefits, however you can rarely use them since you are working 40-70 hours a week if you are the manager. If you are salaried, your life is Aldi, if your stores sales arent up enough for the month, they force you to send cashiers home and work the cashier shifts even if you haven't had a day off in 2 weeks. When we opened here I did not have a day off for a month straight!

As for any of you wanting to get in touch with aldi, good luck, a DIRECTOR OF STORE OPERATIONS has stated "we don't have phone numbers published because we aren't going to pay someone to sit on the phone to listen to people ***** about things that we do wrong, if they really need to get a hold of us they can write a letter, until then its not that important" This is the mentality about customers at aldi.

If the levels of the canned goods or other items are really low DO NOT BUY THEM as they are likely close to going out of date and the store manager isn't ordering new because new stock goes directly on top of old in the dry grocery section. They have monthly rotations and spot freezer checklists but THOSE NEVER GET FOLLOWED!

Now yes the quality of the food is good for the most part, however there are so many things wrong with the operations and not taking care of items which have gone bad that I will never shop there again, speaking about things that go bad, it was not uncommon for the produce/meat that was dated or spoiled to sit in the back room in a buggy (yes a buggy that you use in the store) rotting for days! Sneak a walk into your local Aldi back room here in florida if you don't believe me, I guarantee you will never shop there again.

As for cashiers, they are also almost forbidden to have conversations with customers as this kills their productivity, if a customer asks something they are trained to be short, curt, and to the point to get the customer out of their line and move along to the next customer. They are TRAINED to throw the items into the carts like that, and if someone gets mad they call the manager and the manager is TRAINED to say whatever to the customer to get them out of the store.

All in all the aldi up north are great (NY, PA etc) but here in Florida, I wouldnt shop one if you gave me a $50 dollar gift card!

Good luck and happy shopping at publix or hannaford! 3029384

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Jan 25 
ThIs Isn't True For Every Aldis, We Clean And Scrub Every Night. If People Aren't rotating That's The People Not The Job. We Are Made To Scrub The BackRoom, Cooler,Freezer(Sweep) Few Times A Week.
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Jan 10 
I work at ALDI currently and of course there are certain things cashiers are supposed to meet as in speeds etc. But as of this year the cashiers are now "store associates" in which speed doesn't matter. It's $ per hour you ring up.

Now, talking about the shift/store managers. We never sale dated meat. We throw it out, our district manager would rather it be thrown out than sold to a customer to make them sick. They mark the meat down, but it's a day or 2 before the meat is dated.

Also, our store ALWAYS rotates not only our produce, but we have to mark all the products in the store that needs rotated, & we have someone come in the mornin with a list of items and while we are doing truck we have to rotate everything that is marked on the list on the computer system. I'm sorry your experience at your store was like that. But all I'm saying is our store, managers & district managers are extremely careful as 100% about the customer. There are ups and downs to every work place grocery store or not. No need to try to get other people all worked up just because you're mad at the company.

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Dec 09, 2013 
I worked at Aldi as a shift manager in Ohio and everything you are describing sounds exactly like what went on in the store I worked at. Aldi is a very selfish company and treats it's employees horribly.
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Nov 04, 2013 
If what you say is true, have you reported this to USDA. If not, why not? I have not purchased meat there but regularly buy dairy. Lettuce sometimes is leathery and bananas go bad in two days (you can't buy just 3 bananas) but they are 20 cents a pound cheaper than some other stores. The fresh fruit, I feel, isn't as tasty and I do not like the soups. I read labels and do not buy goods that are made with palm oil so that leaves out most of their cookies. I do wish I could I could find out where they buy their dairy. I have not had problems with pasta, rice, oatmeal (although it is more processed than Quaker) and love the bran flakes. I don't buy packaged meals. You can make your own lasagne cheaper. Wherever you shop, take time and read the labels. I was a mother of four and felt feeding my family was one of the most important jobs so slow down and know what you are buying. I see people shopping and they just throw things in their cart. If I am learning stores falsify their dates on food, I'm going to report it.
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Sep 26, 2013 
I have worked an Aldi store here on the space coast and it is nothing like what you are saying. We have lists of dates we need to check, we scrub our floors EVERY night. I always get all my breaks as does everyone else. I started out a cashier and went to a shift manager. You just got some crappy stores.
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Aug 20, 2013  from Martinsburg, West Virginia
I currently work at Aldi's as a shift manager and our store is nothing like this. It sounds to me like maybe your managers and district managers weren't the greatest and that is why your stores suffered.
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Aug 04, 2013  from Cleveland, Ohio
complaining about working 40-70 hrs per week? lol
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Aug 01, 2013 
I've just started at Aldi as a part-time cashier. It's a *** of a deal for a college student in need of some spare cash, plus the benefits are outstanding. I can't think of many other places where you can get decent health insurance for $10 per paycheck.

Concerning the info in this article....our store isn't like this at all. We edge mop and use the scrubber machine on the floor nightly. We sweep and clean bathrooms. We dump trash.

We make sure to rotate food when we put out new stock. Everything that requires a date sticker gets one. Also, when the foods go on an extremely good sale, yes, it's because they're nearing expiration. It doesn't mean they're going to immediately go bad the second that date approaches. Take advantage of the sale meats and freeze them for later.

I've gone on a break during each of my shifts so far, and I've been there for almost a month. The managers send everyone on break -- since there's only three or four of us, we all know when someone is sent on a break. Although I don't think any of our people smoke, still. It's enough time to eat something, run to the bathroom, and smoke a cig if you needed one. If anything, maybe it would convince you to drop the smoking altogether.

Also, what I like best about this job is that it is definitely not a "watch the clock" job. Since you're constantly helping a customer or doing something, the time really flies by.

Like any other customer
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Jun 19, 2013 
Im currently employed with aldi and training to become a district manager. for our training we have to work in store. It is awesome being able to see the whole mechanics of such an amazing company. The one thing i want to point out is the fact that Almost every negative comment (i stress that not all) written about aldi were from fired employees. did you ever stop to think that maybe you don't work there anymore because your store was an absolute train wreck? I have never seen any problems described in the above article! ALDI for life :)
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Jun 12, 2013  from Tamworth, England
I worked for aldi in the uk as a flt driver. was told by doctors my mom only had days to live and the gave me a choice come to work or don't come back they sacked me for spending my last moments with my mom and the worse thing is I got to live knowing my mom felt guilty because she thought that she cost me my job. aldi is a sick and twisted company to work for and im not the only 1 this has happened to. im currently boycotting aldi will never shop there again
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Jul 07, 2013  from Brandon, Florida
I'm sorry for your loss, you can sue the company for compensation. For immediate family related deaths they are supposed to allow a leave of absence. I'm not sure how the labor laws are in the uk regarding that though but here in the US that is grounds for lawsuit. Either way I would seriously look into it if i would you
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May 25, 2013  from Bountiful, Utah
Ihave gotten powdered sugar that has something in it, like soap or some other chemical. I have gotten their premium ice cream and have found pieces of foam, like the trays they put meat on. Their milk always tastes weird and their beef is like 50% fat. I will do bogo couponing and whatever else I need to do to avoid ever buying from Aldi, unless the products are name-brand. Did you know many of their items are from China, especially their canned or jarred fruit!? Probably that disgusting sugar too.
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May 20, 2013  from Houston, Texas
i like shopping at aldis for vegetable soup stock, cheese and lower prices on mission tortillas. their frozen macaroni and cheese dinners and pizza also taste good, and the frozen macaroni dinners are cheap, i think they are a dollar 79 a package. i will not buy their produce becase ive bought garlic and potatoes from them that were already soft. i bought and used thier meat and had no problem with it. i dont mind buying a tomto now and then
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May 14, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I totally disagree with your post. Maybe it's because our Aldi is always busy here in Pittsburgh, but I've NEVER seen outdated food or anything! I have more of a problem of things being sold out. I believe that you were asked to leave the wrong way and are taking it out on the entire chain! If you really felt upset about the outdated meat, the dry milk in the freezer, the non refrigerated back room then you should've called the health dept or something, but to let it go until you no longer work there is insane. you may be pointing your index finger at Aldi, but you there are 3 other of your fingers pointing back at you!
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Apr 18, 2013  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
We have been shopping at Aldi's for over a year. The Collingdale store is always busy so we haven't had an issue with anything being outdated. Actually, I get frustrated because often times I go and things are sold out! The quality has always been excellent. Granted, the stores are no-frills, but who cares? We just want to save money without sacrificing quality. As far as the cashiers go, we have never had anyone treat us rudely. I will say though that we don't purchase meat there.
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Apr 16, 2013  from Charlotte, North Carolina
Ive been with Aldi 4 years and while meat is dated when on sale its never been hidden???!! LOL any store you go to has meat ON SALE because the date is near! Some of what you are saying is true about ring speeds and etc. but as far as actually getting fired for these things its ridiculous. Yes the threats are there and sometimes it gets out of control. Aldi has its issues I agree but some of this is way over the top. As far as the pallets sitting out from the freezer, yes this is true and should definitely be addressed!!
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Mar 20, 2013 
I have been a store manager in aldi for the past six years and l love every minute of it. I have opened and worked in so many stores. I totally disagree with the article above. Otherwise every employee of the said store must be fired. Aldi has policy and procedure for everything....... customer service, product handling, rotations, dating, cleaning, scheduling,..... etc. If every employee follows these procedures like we do with ease in my stores. .. there will no complain at all. The author of the above article must be lying to favor some competitors. I refuse to believe these bad habits are happening anywhere and the sm, dm, dop or even the divisional vp will still have a job.
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Mar 07, 2013 
worst place to work for ever, i worked in the olathe division for a year and half and everything above is true!
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Mar 07, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
:) I really have to say I have NEVER had a bad experience at Clearwater, Fl ALDI. Many of the comments talk about rude cashiers....well...there are rude people everywhere....and if you go into a store with a bad attitude, that effects everyone's shopping experience!
I have learned to switch from all the major brands I used to purchase...and have saved a fortune since shopping at ALDI and trying 'different' brands.
I have never seen outdated food or rotten produce hidden under a bin...and the store is always clean.
I am very happy to be able to bag my own groceries and return my own cart and even wait in a long line for a cashier...I go to ALDI to SAVE MONEY and even look forward to trying new items!
Keep up the good work ALDI...you are a great substitute for Publics!
p.s. their chicken salad is INCREDIBLE!
Reply to Kathy F. - Palm Harbor, Fl- Cl

Jan 27, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
What I agree with as i have worked in diff states:As for pay, yes they do pay you a lot and there are good benefits, however you can rarely use them since you are working 40-70 hours a week if you are the manager. If you are salaried, your life is Aldi, if your stores sales arent up enough for the month, they force you to send cashiers home and work the cashier shifts even if you haven't had a day off in 2 weeks. When we opened here I did not have a day off for a month straight!

I have never placed stickers over meat date however i have caught a couple store managers trying to sell meat the day that it dated for and that is a no no, soon as I c it, it goes straight to the trash.
If there are numerous freezer pallets and you are not fast enough the extra pallets should be places in the cooler. However certain stores depending on there rate of sales is almost impossible to do because produce, meat, bread, cooler, and freezer must be done with in three hours, and then the store opens.
There are MANY MANY MANY thing wrong with the Aldi system. The upper employees who are not at store level fail to recall how to treat the store employees like human beings.
Whatever store that this person is talking about however sounds really terrible and they may need a new store manager and a DM to get everyone else on the aldi train.
ALDI NY, CHI, MA, NC...seem great I must agree..FL stores have rude..and treat their eployees like aldi must be the air
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