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I do shop at Aldi a lot but this half and half wheat bad before the Tate on it ???

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They give great service and prices are unbelievable low with quality food.

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Aldi Grocery Pancake Mix Review from Bellevue, Washington
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I bought a box of pancake mix from a location in Charlotte, NC. I found maggots in the box and its family all in my cabinets. I am absolutely an unhappy, dissatisfied customer. I had to throw away $200 worth of food. Read more

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Plano texas employee behaved very inappropriately and was very rude, but appeared to only have this behavior to certain customers. There needs to be a manager visible so that employees are not allowed to behave in this manner! Going to a place that serves the public and having customer service like this is awful. There are so many better choices in Plano! Walmart, dollar stores, costco, are just some very good choices. They have similar prices... Read more

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The employees here are so rude only been there twice and both experiences were bad. Employees are racist will never go back.

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Your cat litter use to be GREAT, now I HATE it....PLEASE go back to the old formula. As mentioned by others, now it falls apart, even with gentle scooping. Then the odor stays IN the box instead of being thrown away with each scoop. I feel bad that my cats have to use it and am considering switching to another brand which, even if more expensive, will be more to all our liking. I can't believe breathing that DUST is good for either me or my... Read more

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I went to Aldi for the first time today in Beltsville, MD and was soon cured of the desire for future trips to this store. Out of the 20 products I perused, 17 had the label and pricing information. Some shelves contained damaged or other products that seemed like they were just thrown onto the shelf haphazardly with no label or pricing infomation. I found a bottle of barbecue sauce that I wanted and went to the checkout, only to find that only... Read more

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My experience at Aldi was disheartening to say at the least especially what's going on in the world. I witnessed a manager and cashier being screamed at a customer using racist remarks. The customer was African American and the employees are Hispanic. She kept referring to them as "Mexicans" who didn't speak English and stating only black people need to work here. I apologized to the cashier and she just says it happens all the time. They call... Read more

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I live in syracuse ny and we have at least 6 stores. And not one of their emplyees are minority, all of them are white why is that?

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I shopped at Aldi in Springdale, AR today. I went to get a cart and there was so much trash under the carts it was unreal. It smelled awful too!!!!!!! I dont mean a little trash Im talking a pile.

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