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I have a 501 (c)(3) non-profit in Dallas and Aldi is simply the MOST WASTEFUL grocery store chain in the world.

I doubt if ANYONE will believe this unless they saw it themselves as I did. Over a two year period I found huge amounts of food in their dumpster located near downtown Dallas. Some days I would find cases of perfectly good don food. And, the biggest waste of all were the 40 spiral cut hams I found over a five month period. These hams had just been thrown out and they were still cold to the touch or I would have never touched them. They were taken to my apartment immediately and properly frozen for safety reasons. Biggest question being. Why the *** would any one in their right mind throw away perfectly good hams like these? I gave these hams to needy families in the area because Aldi doesn't have enough common sense and compassion to give these to a local food pantry or shelter. Some church ministry with the right facilities and volunteers could have easily made 2,000 really good ham sandwiches that could have been served to local homeless.

And my attorney had no success in getting Aldi to allow us to pick-up this food from their loading dock instead of forcing us to get it out of the dumpster. Yes, it's all best-by-date food which has nothing to do with safety but rather maximum freshness of the item. It's all perfectly safe and edible food covered under the Emerson Good Samaritan Law which means NOBODY can be legally sues just in case somebody would get ill.

Now here's the biggest gripe against this wasteful store. After two years of allowing us to save this good food they went from bad to worse in their wasteful thinking. They removed the open dumpster and installed a pricey food compactor instead. So, now they can truly hide all their wasteful, sinful ways and nobody can save even a can of soup any longer - because it is all crushed into destruction.

Aldi Grocery Pros: Holly, Good variety.

Aldi Grocery Cons: Massive waste of good food.

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I work for aldi and we donate our food. We freeze it and donate it.


When stores throw food away there is usually a reason behind it. A lot of them donate what they can safely donate and then throw the rest of it away.

Maybe the hams were thrown out due to a broken freezer/cooler that made them unsafe or due to a recall.

Maybe there was a mishap and rat poison was spilled on a pallet of them. I'm sure you have the best of intentions, but even poor people don't want spoiled food.


You have no idea what you are talking about. So many people don't understand why so many grocers throw away so much food.

Here's why. There are strict standards in the united states on food. Especially meat. If its exposed to higher than acceptable temperatures for a set amount of time, its no good, it must be tossed.

If the seal is broken or damaged and the food is exposed, it must be disposed of. If its past its date, its gotta go too. Most likely this food is probably still safe to eat, however there is a very slightly higher chance of becoming ill from consuming it.

And its not just Aldi, thats a risk that no grocer wants to take.

Im sure they dont care much if you wish to dumpster dive and consume or donate the food, it removes them from all liability of what happens.

If they officially donated it and people got sick, they are still legally liable and can be sued, and not to mention it looks bad to the general public if the homeless ever get sick or die from consuming food donated by aldi. I completely understand why they toss it in the lawsuit run country we live in today.


So what type of group do you belong to, one that goes around snooping in dumpsters. The reason stores throw away what looks like good food is because of liability issues.

At fast food places after the food has sat under the heat lamps for a certain period of time the food gets thrown away.

They won't even let their employees have it. What would you have done if the people that you gave those hams to had gotten really sick from eating them?


I believe that's the reason the Feds make companies put date codes on their products. maybe,just maybe the person writing the complaint is a member of the compactors dive in club.


If you was to get educated on the topic then maybe you'd have something to really contribute.

First, let me ask you this.

Have you EVER read in the newspaper an OBIT about some homeless person dying from dumpster food poisoning? I've been a homeless advocate in Dallas for 18 years and I have never heard of it. So, think about how timid you must be in bringing up this food poisoning issue.

And, DID YOU READ what I had to say about the FEDERAL LAW, duh, named the Emerson Good Samaritan Law?

It fully PROTECTS stores from any food liability IF they donate 'reasonably wholesome' food to 501 non-profits or churches for distribution to the needy.

People like you make me sick. I can think of a half-dozen very good reasons for wanting to save this food instead of foolishly throwing it away into a dumpster or compactor.

You side with this rich stores instead of blasting them for showing no social responsibility in their neighborhoods.

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