Mount Prospect, Illinois
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I have always enjoyed shopping at ALDI store until today; the service I had experience today was the worst ever. This pertains to one employee at 550 E. Golf Rd Arlington Heights IL. She was a white lady around 5'8 and 160lb. A lady who I am not sure of her name has always been so nice to certain group of people … like when I hear her talked in Germany with a smile so wide; however, I've notice she is rude to other people such as Spanish people who barely understand the English. Over the past few years she have giving me trouble as when I asked for cash back and give me dirty looks and never says one word to me but "what"; never the less I keep my composure until today.

The lady in front of me did not put the bar to separate for her items from mind, I was about to do if for her but figure well they are 5 feet from mind so I don't see the need, but she continued to run her item with mind and when I said something to her she started to get rude with me. I reply back "hay you knew those items did not belong to me and even if you didn't it's no need to be ruder about it". I then told her what I have seen in her behavior towards me compare to other people and it was not acceptable. I told her I would let her manger and others know it.

I just want to say there are two other women's who are African Americans have always been so nice to me and friendly. I can't understand why we live in world of people who are rude for ever reason. I will not shop there anymore if she is still employed there.

My name is Andy Hernandez a person who can read, speak Spanish and has an education which can be very powerful thing. I will always protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is what I am doing today

Andy Hernandez

Monetary Loss: $13.

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lol, what are you like a superman for people who have their feelings hurt because someone scanned thier items with someone else's?


I felt for you. Anyhow this will make you day.


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