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Unfortunately, the lady at the checkout counter at Aldi's "misplaced" my receipt. However, meat I bought on the 30th of January (I have a witness) is dated the 27th and they will not make good on it. I has an "off taste." i am not sure if it is the bad quality or the meat is tainted. In either case, I will not eat it.


2080 Main Street

Batavia, IL 60510-7608

What Cost a Bargain?

On the 30th of January a friend of mine and I bought some food at Aldi's on G street in Philadelphia. It turned out to be the most expensive food I have ever bought in my life because I had to through almost all of it away: the canned salmon has a biter aftertaste, the "steaks" were tough, without flavor, chewy, past sale date, the tomatoes were like tasteless, red pasty ***, the romaine lettuce was bitter and rubbery (really!). The "French Roast" coffee (?) was barely drinkable, and I have not defrosted the fish. If it is not good, I shall report them to the appropriate authorities. I am going to report the meat to the USDA.

Fortunately, I have not been made sick. Unfortunately the place is too far away to make it worthwhile to return the trash for which I paid good money. What bothers me so much is that they take advantage of low-income folk (I am retired and live on almost nothing.) I think these "people" are the lowest of the low

All I can say it that I certainly will never shop there again and will tell everyone I know about my experience.

I do not want to wast what little time I have left on earth on such people. I am surprised, however, because I had excellent products from them in France but here, in the good old US of A they sell trash to people who have little choice. The French would never let them get away with it!

Do yourself a favor. My experience tells me to stay away in the future. It is telling that they do not list a telephone number or a place to register complaints.

An Aldi Phone 630.482.5244. I don't know what else it is for but it was for supplier contact

Please look into this company. I believe they are involved with deceptive market practices and know first hand they sell short dated or past dated merchandize.

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Aldi has low quality, disgusting food. Go to Walmart. Period.



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