Bremen, Ohio

Aldi stores in central Ohio area: Age discrimination for employment is obvious throughout central Ohio in Aldi stores. Common sense would lead shoppers and potential job seekers to this conclusion by just looking at the age demographic for employees in the stores.

Having applied for cashier and store management positions at multiple hiring events over at least a year's time was fruitless. I am a 55 year old college graduate, with decades of experience in management and non-management positions, in good health, and did not even need any health insurance coverage from the company due to coverage through my spouse's company. A waste of a lot of time and disappointing on many levels. While illegal, age discrimination is alive and well at Aldi stores.

The word will continue to get out.

Aldi and Trader Joe's stores (same owners) will lose business as word gets out.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I Agree, I am an older(56) adult male and have applied at Aldi several times and was always overlooked because of my age. They only hire if you are in your 20's. Otherwise you have no chance.


ALDI absolutely discriminates against older idividuals. I am in my fifties.

I recently lost my grocery store job of seven years due to the company going out of business. I had an interview with ALDI in Overland Park, KS recently, glowing letters of recommendation in hand. The interviewing manager kept making a point of how physically demanding the job was, how many pallets a day had to be stocked etc. And asked if I was capable of lifting 45 lbs.

I told him yes I would have no problem lifting that much. My job application stated that I have been unloading trucks, stocking shelves along with Cashiering for the last seven years. The obviously inexperienced manager kept trying to come up with excuses why I might not be a good fit such as when he asked if I prefered working days or nights, I replied, "days". Suddenly he only needed night people.

I replied though I "prefered" days, as it said on my ap, I could work any hours. At this point it was just a game. I knew the minute I walked through the door and he looked at me (and my gray hair) I was wasting my time.

To that manager, Good luck with your career at Aldi. Hope you manage to keep your job when you are past your 30's.


Trader Joe's only promotes 20 somethings with no experience in management, leadership or otherwise. It is blatant age discrimination and I hope they are revealed soon!


Why is it when people do not get the job they think they are entitled to get they automatically claim it is discrimination? Face it, as much as it may hurt your ego, it is your lack of qualifications that you did not get the job, not because of your age, gender, race, skin color sexual orientation ect.


Aldi in the USA and Trader Joe's are NOT owned by the same person/people. They are owned by members of the same family, but they are separate companies.


I am with you on the age discrimination. I shop Aldi regularly in NYC and there has been a huge turn over in employees.

They move them to different stores as they open. So therefore I have seen dozens upon dozens of workers and not 1 over the age of 40 or even close to it.


I have 10 years grocery management experience and I'm a couple decades younger than you. I don't think it's an age thing, I just think that Aldi is a tough place to get into.

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