Sunderland, England

You must need to be under 22 to work here, I have 25 years retail experience 10 of which is in the fast paced grocery store Winco Foods and the *** who called me in for an interview was about 17 and super derogatory. She asked what day I preferred to come in, Sunday or Tuesday and then when I show up tells me it is a bad day for an interview...

Really?! Why give a choice then?

Everyone there is young and I know that is why I didn't get a second look, they have no respect for anyone actually qualified!! All jerks!

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I've applied numerous times and have always been denied, not even an interview. I emailed corporate to question why I was never selected and their response was that they receive many qualified applicants and only have a limited number of positions available.....BS


Aldis age discriminates .No ifs ands or buts about it.If you are over 25 dont waste your time applying


They don't hire Hispanics either


Definitely practicing ageism!


I have applied to ALDI twice for management positions. I have years of experience and degrees.

They have never even acknowledged my application. A friend who has applied for cashier several times, has loads of experience and is highly qualified, has had the same experience. The son of a friend who is 30 years my junior and no experience or degrees whatsoever got called immediately. So, we now know that ALDI is not only discriminatory but also idiots!

I find the stores to be dirty, unorganized, rotten produce and catering to a certain class of persons. You often wait in lines and get bad attitudes because they hire people who are uneducated, slovenly, underachievers and downright dumb!! We used to have a Bottom Dollar in the area. Now, this was a store that really knew how to run a supermarket and cater to the people's needs.

We were all saddened to find out that ALDI purchased Bottom Dollar and closed all the stores.

This was truly a a travesty. In conclusion, ALDI sucks big time!!


I went for a group interview the other night have 30 years plus experience they only ask for a copy of your license just so they can *** out anyone over25 so no chance for me


I agree.. I am totally over qualified but was rejected... so bad of them


.........So go on a panhandling sign at a freeway're welcome......


I agree. Aldis the German Supermarket chain, are more prominent in Australia this year..

I and another friend both of us are from retail backgrounds. I awarded for excellence customer service. We both never got a look in. At the group interview they just screen out people so by wearing a name tag they can see if youre over 40 and you get a reject letter.

Another girl I spoke to at the group interview saw one of the interviews give her a look as though "what are you doing here youre too old" I believe her. Aldis want 18 to early 30s. I will never go to Aldis. They want you not experience..

Woolworths or Coles IGA for me! Shame Aldis are like this.


Agreed. In West Australia Aldis have just opened.

I too have been in Retail and Hospitality for many years in between raising my children. Spent last year in UK and never got everything I needed and went to Sainsburys I thought since I dont have commitments and live 10min from 3new Aldis I could work early till late no problem. I have awards for my customer service. This means nothing.

Aldis invite you along to a group session with nsme tags so tbhry can screen you, in fact look like theyre discriminating by checking you out in person to see whether youreyoung or "older and know better" My husband also tried out and he has a forklift license occ health and safety cert. And he felt same thing. Eventually they may realise when others leave to start families, obligations, etc then lets see what Aldi tyhink is a better policy.

Oh by the way hot hired by Woolies!!! ☺☺


I too was not even given an interview at an Orlando, Fl location. I am in my 50's and have been in some aspect of custumer service over 30 years and also worked in the deli and as cashier at Publix.

I asked for an application and another very young person did at the same time. I hand delivered the application and that was about a month before Christmas, a busy time, they take on new hires.

Maybe 2 weeks later I go back to shop and the same young person who I saw get an application was working the register. I wasen't even called.


They are a perfect example of a company that discriminates against age .No question about it




File a complaint with the EEOC, they did the same thing to me, and a shift manager actually stated to my 20 year old daughter , who works for aldi's, they do not hire anyone over 40 years of age.


You have to be at least 18 to work for this company. Secondly, they hire younger because it's almost impossible to make a 10 + yr retail vet to stop saying, 'at my store we...' and just follow the *** protocol.


And your a dumba$$, anonymous. They higher younger employees because they don't want their DM's "shown-up" by what the experienced manager knows!


" They higher younger employees "

They probably HIRE younger people because they actually know how to spell.

"DM's "shown-up" by what the experienced manager knows"

I'm also guessing that in your case, the bitterness and attitude probably dripped out off you like a melting icicle.

No on in their right mind would want have someone around who feels the need to "show" anyone up.


This person's complaint is valid. I see it all the time and I am a Manager for Aldi.

I work for Aldi and it's the truth that they don't hire anyone who isn't early 20s to work in the store but they will never admit it.

Been with Aldi for 4 years and it's their "unwritten" policy -- you should also be a size 2 to get hired also. Definetely discriminate in their hiring.


I applied many times, never called! I have a lot of experience.

The last time there was a guy early 20's at least 400 pounds no lie. He got hired, I'm in my 50's and run circles around people half my age, not even a phone interview!

I was there shopping when the heavy set guywas working, another young guy asked him how he wanted to split up the work, he told him I'll just keep on ringing customers and the guy just looked at me and rolled his eyes,! He didn't last long!


Get over it and apply other places. Retail experience isn't always considered in another retail business.

I'm sure the young woman that interviewed you was older than 17. Use the brain the good Lord gave you. How was she super derogatory? When she made the reference to the day of your interview being a bad day for an interview, more than likely something had occurred during the day that made it a bad day for the interview--maybe they were shorthanded or whatever.

I have a hunch the reason you didn't get the job is because your really bad attitude was showing. Your bad attitude comes through in your complaint.

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