Sunderland, England

You must need to be under 22 to work here, I have 25 years retail experience 10 of which is in the fast paced grocery store Winco Foods and the *** who called me in for an interview was about 17 and super derogatory. She asked what day I preferred to come in, Sunday or Tuesday and then when I show up tells me it is a bad day for an interview...

Really?! Why give a choice then?

Everyone there is young and I know that is why I didn't get a second look, they have no respect for anyone actually qualified!! All jerks!

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If a bad attitude is reason for unemployment, you must have been dealing with being broke and jobless your whole life.

If you don't live in the UK, then you might want to consider you don't freakin' know what you are talking about, you twit.


you must be a manager in aldi you bitter *** companies getting away with treating people badly will unless people fight back so shut up you fool and let people have their opinion if they think a company is not a fair place to work

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