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I was at the Wood River, IL store the other day. Going thru the checkout.

Checkout girl named of Ashley didn't bother to even look at me nor say HOW ARE YOU? Nor did she say HELLO . Nor did she ask me IF I HAD FOUND EVERYTHING I NEEDED. .

which is what they are told to ask a customer. I really hate POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. So, when she didn't bother to notice me I said to her HELLO and HOW ARE YOU? Then I said ISNT THAT WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE SAYING TO ME?

She then looked up at me with disdain and attitude written all over her face and still did not say a thing. It continually makes me wonder WHY Aldis will hire people such as this when someone like myself, seeking employment, they would not even consider hiring because I am not a kid in my 20s yet I have so much better customer service skills than the 'younger' people they seem to want to hire! Before I left I assured Mz Ashley that I would most definitely have a conversation with Mark the Manager about her POOR customer service skills. She again, looked at me with a nasty look.

She needs to be fired if you ask me. You just don't treat customers like THAT and expect to stay in business very long! Am I right? THANK YOU.

This store is the closest to me but I have to say that IF I continue to keep having to deal with this person at the store I will find elsewhere to shop. This is not the first time this same thing has happened to me at this store with rude employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Fire employees that have POOR customer service and make customers feel bad about their shopping experience there. .

Aldi Grocery Cons: Poor customer service, Rude employee.

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
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To: The Reviewer: Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

Customers like you are always looking to start something with these employees and managers. You're the type of customer that does not understand the term 'bad day.'


Wow you’re an entitled piece of *** aren’t you?


they arent required to say anything to you. they are there to check out as quick as possible and they are timed on it.

aldi isnt a place that bends over backwards for you.

says it right in the marketing.

you owe her an apology.


Everyone has off days. Do you do what you are suppose to do, everyday at work?

What's that? You don't work? Yeah, that really doesn't surprise me.

You were trying to provoke this person into arguing with you and she didn't sink your level. Score 1 for her, zero for you.


Cashiers have to as efficient as possible, they have scanning goals per minute and hour. She was probably trying to check as fast as possible to keep the line down.

She may have greeted right before she gave you a total, but you sounded like a smart ***.

If you continue to get bad service, file a customer complaint. They are taken seriously at their corporate office.


You sound like an entitled ***. Yes, cashiers are supposed to greet customers but her not doing so to your liking is hardly reason for her to be fired. Stop being bitter that they won't hire you.


Two people have been fired at our local aldis and they were not given anything of what they did or did not do They were fired for someone complaining they were rude one time only they fire you so please do not complain and make someone loose their job unless it is truly necessary, They work these people to death and they have to scan fast and worry about being fired they get on e complaint and they fire them!

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