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Had to read in the Newspapers that Aldi had a Security Breech with customers using Banks' Debit Cards. Contacted my bank, was told that my Debit Card was "compromised" and the account was closed.

Planned on going out this weekend and/or shopping at Aldi, and I am glad that I found out before standing in line and being embarrassed when my Debit Card is not accepted. Honesty should always prevail. I am w/o a Debit Card for several days and lots of inconvenience.

This is Aldi's loss - my gain. Krogers, Target, Meijers, even Walmart - here we come.

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I worked at Aldi in upstate NY. The whole credit card issue was kept from employees as well for a long time.

Management was given a hand out instructing them to basically "play dumb" and act like you know nothing. If a customer got loud and vocal...take down their # and give it to the DM just to shut them up. Managers received a letter outlining how the security breech occured and were instructed to keep their mouths shut until the problem was resolved.

Essentially the comapny had knowledge of the crimes against customers and HOW the crime was being comitted but did NOTHING to inform the customer for MONTHS for fear of losing sales or having to make expensive upgrades. Aldi got away with another serious crime by staying quiet...


*** Aldi's . I was not offered anything after calling the 800 number.

My debit card info was taken and I was missing $1000.00 in my checking account. All my checks bounced. They told me it was up to me. Screw them.

The customer does not matter to them.

Just another number. I will be shopping tha Wegmans from now on.


Our debit card...only used at Aldis and nowhere else, was scammed for $3500 in October 2010. The money was covered by our bank, which was *** enough to keep giving the thieves tonso f cash in 2 days, 3000 miles from our home.

I'll never shop there again. EVER.


I was told it was my problem when I called the Aldi help number because 800 was stolen from my checking account. They could care less about my debit card and the money taken from me.

Very rude customer service people. Because of this I will never shop there again.


My parents who are in their 70's had to find out through their bank that someone in California had taken $1000 out of their bank account which was traced back to them using their debit card at an Aldi in Rochester, New York in August. Here in Rochester, the news didn't break until early October.

I can't believe that Aldi didn't know about this sooner. My parents and I will never shop there again.

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