Pella, Iowa

they need to put a lock on the dumpster.i know someone who gets old food out of it and takes it home or gives it away to other people. this a lawsuit waiting to happen.this needs to addressed with the upmost attention.i do not wish to go public. but i will if i have too.someone could get sick from this or even die from food poison.if you care for the consumer then please do something to pervent this from happening.i have contacted the police about this and they didn't do anything about it.this is my next step,it may not be my last.i will stay on this until something is done about it(i promise).put a lock on the dumpster to keep poeple out of some states it is against the law to dumpster dive.apparently it's not here in Centerville,Iowa.

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mind your own business dude! one apple in an entire bag goes bad and they throw away the entire bag!

it's that way with TONS of produce and dry goods at aldi and other grocery stores. this level of food wastage is CRIMINAL!! people who rescue food from dumpsters do so at their own risk. i personally subsidize my pet food budget with the perfectly good fruits and vegetables i pull from aldi dumpsters, but i also don't hesitate to make salad or eat an orange from my dives.

people like you are exactly what's wrong with this country! go buy your groceries and leave people alone!


The food is not old its dumped everyday.


They're not re-imbursed by manufacturers, it's company policy. Walmart donates theirs and gets a tax write off.


The day after Thanksgiving 2014 my buddy and I pulled 50 spiral cut hams averaging 10# each with an original price of $1.99 # out of an Aldi's dumpster in one night . The hams were still cold and had a use or freeze date of the day before.

How does a salted ham go bad in a day. In total we pulled a total of $2,000 worth of perfectly good groceries from one store in about 25 minutes.


According to Federal law, you can not sue if you recover food items from the dumpster or if they give expired items away. The only exception that Must be destroyed or not given away is baby food. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act passed in Oct 1,1996.


I utilize that wasted food so that I may continue to eat. I lack the funds to purchase groceries, and if you are curious, Yes, I am employed.

Let people be free and responsible to make their own decisions.

Perhaps you should find another cause.


I live in Dallas and had been dumpster diving behind Aldi for almost two years until they installed a compactor "demonic dumpster" almost two year ago and now nobody can get even a pack of gum out of it as it is completely sealed off. So, are you happy that all this mostly safe and edible food is going to the landfill instead.

I suggest that you go get a real education as you don't appear to know what's really happening in the world.

Like how you CONDONE not going green. Ecological green! Get it? When all this FOOD WASTE ends up in the local landfill it rots and eventually it releases methane gas which is a major component to global warming.

So, someday when you're *** about someone taking food out of a dumpster and actually seeing that it's consumed, eaten, maybe you'll be freezing your *** off in Florida or getting sunburn in Siberia because the global warming you condoned has really kicked in.

Also, it's obvious that you don't know a *** thing about the Federal law named the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Law which prevents any grocery store from being sued if they donate, reasonably wholesome, food to 501 non-profits or to churches to distribute to needy hungry souls.

So, I suggest you spend your time wisely instead of foolishly and contact Aldi and urge them to donate this safe and edible food to non-profits as THEY CAN'T GET SUED and it sure beats trashing it.

Wow, I could go on and on with you as I can tell that you're totally ignorant on this topic.

By the way. Have you EVER heard on the news or ever read in the paper of a homeless person dying from food poisoning after eating food from a dumpster? I certainly haven't and as a homeless advocate I have been dealing with homeless people for over 18 years.

My name is Mark Pfeifer and I live in Dallas.

My non-profit is the Angelic Christmas Crusade. Visit us on You Tube


Mind your own business. Not all the food taken on dumpster dives is bad.


It sounds like the diver is someone you have a relationship with, if you know that the food they dive ends up being "given away to other people".

Your next step should be to raise your concerns with them.

If they choose to continue diving, it's not really up to you to intervene. They may be diving out of financial necessity. (See the comment by the single mom further down.)

If you are that concerned about your friend, buy some groceries and make up some story about having too much and insist that they "take them off my hands, otherwise they'll be wasted" or something similar.

Don't call the cops on them. I mean, really?

That's not cool. I was shocked to see that you rang the police.


Can't believe someone wrote this complaint!!! Hey Sherlock Holmes, people who dumpster dive do so out of real need! So, unless you are opening a soup kitchen to feed the hungry 7 days a week, SHUTUP!


Are you really that much of a *** Mind your own business mother hen!


All refuse is public domain, unless posted "no trespassing", don't get your shorts in a wad. Why waste all the food, energy, fossil fuels, packaging and man-hours that went in to growing, transporting, and marketing the food? Waste not, want not.


Im a working single mom. My hubby died in an accident this past year leaving me with an infant daughter.

I apparently make to much to receive help from snap so I take what little money I have and buy food for my daughter. I don't have enough money to buy food for myself. If Aldis locked their dumpster I wouldn't eat so get over your self some of us count on that waist and all that food is really good.

I turned into a vegetarian but hey at least Im thin and healthy. I lost 50lbs =)


Aldi is AWFUL to our environment! For Example they will through out entire cases and cases of strawberries all because ONLY ONE strawberry in each container has a bad spot or a little bit of mold on it or even just a smooched spot.

Each boxed case holds 8 (recyclable #1 plastic) strawberry containers. So do the Math - 8 times 20 cases = 160 containers of strawberries all because only one had a bad spot in each. and a lot of times out of the cases some of the containers contain all perfect strawberries but they are too much in a hurry to carefully look so they just assume if in same box Must have a bad strawberry in there somewhere. So not only are all of the recyclable plastics filling up a landfill 100 x faster than a landfill should be filled but then all of those cardboard boxes are going to the landfills and all of those Perfectly good strawberries which should have been either donated to needy people or at least distributed for the wild animals or at the Very least should have been composted, Will All fill up a landfill!

and this is not just strawberries but everything. Blueberries (also Plastic #1 containers) tons of bags of oranges and apples and lemons and limes etc etc . all get thrown out because of ONE bad one in the Entire bag which hold like 9 other Picture Perfect ones.

So LET the dumpster divers Help save our environment - consume the good stuff or compost it and then recycle the plastic and the cardboard ! - because We all Know that large corporations all take a huge *** on our planet.


Yes Aldis may say their liability ends the minute it goes out the door, but since their is no marking telling the diffrence between what has been trashed and what has been paid for it is a lawsuit waiting to happen, they know but they do not care-!


Maybe hungry people need the food they are getting out of the dumpster. How about you get off your high horse and help the people dumpster diving instead of calling the law.


Aldi is a big liar, on its website, it claims to be green, but in reality, aldi stores throw out edible food, usable merchandise, card board boxes, bottles, etc. They could have donated the edible food and usable merchandise to food pantry or homeless shelter, but they chose not to. I stop shopping there and I encourage others do the same.


They throw it away because they are reimbursed for doing so.. if they donated it they would not be.

its the manufacturer/distributor that makes that rule.. not aldis...


Why don't you mind your business? I have personally profitted from Aldi's wasteful business practices and we don't need do-gooders like you calling the fuzz.

@John Marshall

I personally profit A LOT from ALDIs wastefulness. Their wastefullness = my well being

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