Rochester, New York

I was very excited to hear that the Aldi employees have decided to unite and join the Foodworkers Union. They NEED it!

They have been abused by their Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and District Managers too long. Finally, maybe now they will get some relief from these oppressive and abusive sadists. Good luck guys!

I hope you stick it to them good and put them in their place - THE TRASH! Eventually these corporations are going to have to realize that if they keep hurting people, especially the one's they rely on the most, some day they will have such a bad reputation no one will want to work for them.

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I really like Aldi. The cashiers are GREAT!

I saw a security guard do something that might have been thought of as racist, not sure if it was racially motivated but I know in Ferguson, MO the guy sure was racial. I reported the incident and was quickly called to get a report.

I have only good to say about Aldi, I just wondered if they were Union since their prices are so good. I expect prices to be much higher when you are paying a cashier $15 an hour.


So sorry to hear Aldi was unionized. I hate unions!

I worked for Warner Bros for many years and the whining that went on from the Union members was ridiculous! The Unions encouraged hate and economic segregation. Unions just teach workers to rely on them instead of being good hard workers. The non-union employees got much better benefits and raises for accomplishment.

The Union workers were lucky to get half a cost of living increase every 18 months and only got raises when you went looking for a new position. Unions are Security Blankets for the uneducated and lazy!

I am glad I can say this anonymously as union members would hunt me down and slash my tires. Welcome to communism where opinions are not welcomed!


ALDI employee sounds like a puppet. Obviously if unionization occurred, it would resemble nothing close to Walmart. #sheep


Aldi already has a worse reputation than Wal Mart. At least at Wal Mart you may find an employee that cares about the customer. That is something you will never see at Aldi, especially from the District Managers, operations managers, vice presidents and president.


I don't know where you heard this, but ALDI is not union, and isn't going to be union anytime soon. That concept just doesn't work well for this business.

If the company ever unionized all the low prices would go away and you'd have yet another Wal-Mart replica. Definitely not happening.

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