Brecksville, Ohio

Please, I beg of you. Don't ever work for Aldi.

The pay is good, at first, as are benefits, but I'd rather work a minimum wage job any day. Truck days are insane. Spending 3+ hours in a freezer and the deep freezer was awful. You pull ALL of the pallets out of the freezer, they sit in the back room for hours, and one by one you unload them back into the freezer or out on the sales floor.

Not to mention the fact that you have to ring if the store gets busy, food is unthawing in the back and then getting put BACK in the freezer. It's the same with meat pallets. And don't kid yourself, I worked there for over a year and NEVER once did (or saw anyone do) a temperature check. They also repackage fruits and veggies, they'll actually go so far as to take rotten/moldy strawberries out of a package and put the rest of them back out.

Selling food like this to customers, especially the elderly on a fixed income, who just want to save money, disgusted me. Please don't shop there, even if it is to save a few bucks, honestly, for the amount of *** that goes on with the food, it's not worth it.

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I agree, Aldi is the most terrible employer i worked for. They have a lot of corpses in their basement!!!

Anyone who considers working there will regret it. I promise you!





Please expose Aldi stores dirty condition to consumers, I can tell you your store is not the only store that has mice and roaches, because I saw food packages that were chewed by mice or whatever. All Aldi Corporate cares is cut cost and fool the customers how they can save them money.


I worked for aldi for 11 years and I can't tell you how many times or ways there are to get around doing things the right way. Meat is constantly being left out of the cooler and getting warm.

Temperatures are recorded, but all you need to do is make up an acceptable temp and the health dept. has no clue. Ice cream becomes mush and then refrozen. I was constantly catching mice and roaches just to give the appearance of a clean store.

I was always finding product that had been gnawed into by critters. I would tell my district manager and she would say just don't let the customer or corporate find out.

I found out later that customers did call corporate to complain, yet nothing was ever done about the problem. Stay healthy, don't shop aldi!


Hah, I somewhat agree with you, but this job isn't for every one. It's hard work

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