I giggle at people that think Aldi is just so awesome, there is a reason their *** food is dirt cheap. You get what you pay for.

Let's all praise a store tht got caught selling horse meat labeled as hamburger last year. The people that say their *** is no different than name brands are either mentally retarded, never ate name brands in their life, or simply don't care what garbage they put in their bodies. You put a bowl of green beans in front of me Aldi or Del Monte or whatever other brand, I am going to tell the Aldi ones by just looking at them, let alone the nasty taste they have. "but their milk is so cheap!" Yeah because it's just white water, their whole milk doesn't even cling to a glass.

Praire Farms milk here is cheaper than Aldi's. Yeah what a bargain!

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. It's one of the worst shopping places on earth, it makes Walmarts slow check out lanes look like the Indy 500 in comparison.

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This uppity socialite brand-name-dropper probably shops at aldi's all the time, with her govt. food stamps.


Try the Benita dried pinto beans. They are great.

I'm from New Mexico, and know a I good, fresh, tasty, pinto bean. lol


Why does this letter writer care what other people are buying?


Hey lunatic, just a heads up you need to check your facts before writing reviews. Aldi buys their milk from prairie farms.

Also the reason why their food is cheap is because they cut unnecessary costs that most store have. Like bags, they cut the cost of bags out of their food by selling bags to the costumers that use them. Also the quarter system for their carts, they don't have an extra employee working to get carts all day and they don't have to replace carts nearly as often as other stores. If you would like to argue try me...

Aldi is a wonderful chain that offers food that is easily comparable to name brand.

Actually a lot of our produce comes from the same fields as green giant. So before opening your mouth I'd check the facts buddy.

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