Rochester, New York

I had recently started shopping Aldi foods grocery store to supposedly start saving money. I now realize how they can offer some lower prices - they sell out of date product.

All the product I had purchased on my first visits tasted terrible! I didn't understand, but I gave them another try and again ALL the food I purchased was spoiled, moldy, rotten or generally just disgustingly awful! I went back and checked the dates on the items I purchased and I found ALL of them had been out of date at least 3 months prior to purchase. I called the corporate office in Batavia IL.

and talked to a man who identified himself as the vice president of the company named Jon Dana. He told me that he was tired of us annoying little Jews and ni**ers calling and complaining.

I immediately hung up ( I shouldn't have) and wrote to Pissed Consumer. I guarantee that neither I nor any of my friends or family will ever shop Aldi ever again.

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Racist store manager at 30th street and Kedzie. Ignorance is no virtue.

All customers should be treated equally. He should go to serve his color, if he hates it there.


White complexion guy. Might have been the manager said Sunday " *** Medicans".

He does not like to work there, then leave.

Everyone pays his salary. Ignorant ***


Had a similar experience, but with a little white girl named Erika Lempa in Elk Grove IL.


First i don't believe some one in corporate will talk like that.And you may don't like yourself very much to call yourself that.


My .? Is why you like shopping in ALDI if is a very bad store.


Had similar experience. Cashier was in such a hurry pulled buggy out from under me as I was getting money to pay for groceries.

I yelled at her, she almost caused me to fall backwards wrenching my back. Cashier didn't ever care. I told her to not *** the buggy out like that, and she said have to keep the line moving. I have also seen outdated cans of food, cereal, and mold on vegetables and some rotting.

All I can say is wear an armor suit when you go in there and expect to be treated like dirt from the employees and you better check old rotting food. Disgusting unsafe place as far as I am concerned.


If that's how you TRULY feel, why on earth would you shop there? Just so you can complain? You make no sense


Liar. You are outnumbered by extremely satisfied Jewish and African American customers plus everybody else.


I must apologize. While I was correct in Aldi's return policy, I had a very disturbing experience when I called the company's corporate H.Q.

I was treated very rudely and hung up on when I contacted them for clarification on the availability of a particular special buy item at my local store. Chances are good that I will not be returning to an Aldi store any time soon.


Why didn't you say anything when you came back in? Aldi has a double-back guarantee on all of their products (besides alcohol).

If your product was bad, then bring it to their attention and they'll fix it. Second of all, I don't believe a word you say about a corporate professional coming anywhere near saying something like that to you.

@First of all...

At cashier line, a girl by the name of Taneisha checked me out. 12-28-12.

She was throwing my groceries in the buggy. I asked her please do not throw my groceries in the buggy you are damaging the food. She still kept throwing my groceries in the buggy. She damaged the broccoli tearing *** in the plastic wrap her hand touching the raw food, and she also did the same with the cauliflower tearing the wrapping her hands touching the food.

I told her I was going to complain to Aldi main office and she said go ahead, my name is on the receipt. She was rude, and dented some of the cans of food also. There was five items damaged by her throwing the items in the buggy. She also pulled the buggy out from under me as I was leaning on the buggy trying to pay for the items, causing me to lunge forward throwing me off balance.

I don't appreciate this, and something needs to be done about being treated this way. NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

I could have been hurt. Aldi s is a terrible place to shop and often have old molded food

@First of all...

Went to Aldis and their sausage meat had busted open with raw meat all over the case. When I put my hand in to get sausage, picked up a hand full of raw disgusted meat all on my hands.

Called over a girl that worked there, and showed her all the raw meat smeared all in the box and all over the other sausages. I asked her to bring me a paper towel to wipe my hands off with and she did nothing and just walked away. I called a second employee over and he just got me a paper towel, but nothing to really get the raw meat off my hands and kill the germs. It was terrible.

They did nothing and left the torn, raw sausage meat spread all over the case and box in the cooler. Not only is that dangerous but also poison me with Salmonella. This is so disgusting. I went back a week later and they had done nothing about the raw meat, and it was still in the box, raw exposed meat in the cooler.

Not safe and employees could care less about customers.

Also seen vegetables with mold all over them and mushrooms were so old they were rotting. Unsafe and dangerous place to shop.


He was up for promotion to VP, but due to so many complaints similar to this one, he is still only a director of operations for half the Batavia division. He is an active and recruiting high ranking member of "The Order".


Turns out this did happen. Someone posing as as a V.P.


This story is completely bogus. No corporate employee would risk their companies reputation or their job by saying ridiculous things.


This may be embelished, but I believe this customer was truly treated badly and unhappy with Aldi. I have had nothing but mediocre and bad experiences with Aldi.


I grew up with Aldi in Germany and never had a bad experience, but have to say it is a big diffrence between Aldi in Germany and Aldi here in the US. Still I think it it a great store to go to. I like the yellow potatoes and they cost $5.99 elsewhere at Aldi only $2.99 they much better in taste than in other stores, just an exeple.


There is no way that this took place. As previous poster corporate staff member for a company this large would EVER speak like that, I don't care how bad their day was.

It's a shame that you are probably some 15 year old kid trying to be funny.

Get a life. It's bad enough I even acknowledged this troll of a post.


I read and reread this comment left by this customer and I find it all very hard to believe...In fact, I do not. This day and age, no corporate staff member is going to use such language.

I also find it hard to believe that this customer purchased meats that were 3 months past posted shelf life date...

My wife and I have shopped at five different Aldi's stores in five different states and found the produce and meats to be within the best time to use dates...I believe the person who left this comment as a axe to grind for some other reason...we shop at our Aldi's in Paducah every Tuesday...See you there...Bill from Paducah..

@Bill from Paducah...

Totally agree.... No one in a corporate position, or anyone with half a brain would EVER say things like that....someone is using social media for their own agenda.....selling meat 3 months past due would have had a major news crew there and the FDA would've shut them down.....think, people.....c'mon....

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