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aldi low priced food store brick new jersey sells veggies withbugs all over them terrible never again will i buy vegitables there again if i want a cheaper price i will buy and advise people to buy on sale at regular food stores that is not right unfortunetly at first i said to my boyfriend what are those black things all on the broccoli where the crown parts and i didnt look closer we used it for chinese food dish we were cooking next day i went to use broccoli for something else took a closer look discovered it was all bugs thank god it was cooked so we really couldnt get sick from it broccoli costs 1.50 on sale for small package again never again and anoother thing they require all cashiers to clean bathrooms they are making all that monew why dont they hire a janitore they are so rotten cheap i dont think i am going to shop again at aldi stores

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I found the bug that I am seeing, they look like Aphids but very dark brown in color.


I just bought broccoli from aldis with little bettle (looks like tiny ticks) bugs and washed, then boiled and almost ate it until I looked very closely and noticed that they were really bugs. I was searching for the type of bug when I found this blog.


i washed broccoli bugs didnt come off have to be really careful there


oh you meant you bought you bought some broccoli and didnt wash it first?


did you not wash the broccoli before you cooked with it?

charleen r

selling vegetables at low price loaded with bugs

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