Melbourne, Florida

I have been shopping at Publix and health food stores for years. I'm currently on a budget so I went to Aldi grocery for my first time this week.

I bought the fish and a lot of produce, by day 3 I'm eating their food I had migraines that would not go away and profuse vomiting. I threw the rest of the groceries from Aldi grocery out, and went to Publix last night, I am finally getting back to normal.

I will never get anything from there again and i wouldnt doubt all the food there is made from: companies are owned by Monsanto. just horrible how I felt from eating the food from there for 3 :-(days....

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Me, too. Several times, and now I see its Aldi. Chocolates, nuts, granola, hummus.


Crikey! You do realize that all Aldi's foods are repackaged major brands, don't you?


I did get food poisoning for eating tuna from Aldis. I was hospitalized for two days.


If anything the alleged migraines were caused by something that you were allergic to. Fish and produce aren't made, they are grown.

Therefore, they couldn't have been made from companies that are owned by Monsanto. A couple months ago I had two days of profuse vomiting that wasn't caused by anything I ate, it was a really nasty case of stomach flu. Yes, I also had a headache. It took me a couple weeks to get to feeling half way normal.

Several other people that I know have had the same thing. It is all over the country.

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