Rockwall, Texas

I like the fact you have to pay a quarter for a buggy so you can return it instead of leaving them all over the parking lot. Cash, Debit or EBT is comvenient.

All of this cuts down on overhead and you dont have to hire a bunch of employees to clean up the buggies from the parking lot. Bring your own sacks or buy reusable bags just like you do at Costco or Sams. If you dont like that go to Walmart or another big chain grocery store

You will pay more for the exact same store brand as Aldi.

Thank goodness we have Aldi's it cuts my grocery bill in half. I have never had a problem at their stores it has always been a pleasant experience.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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It's not Aldi's, it's Aldi. Get your act together.


Shut your face!


Don't you mean shut's your face's?

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