Taylor, Michigan

aldi piece *** store walked store returned bottles 28/clyde park cashier told me werenot aldi bottles asked her are you calling me liar called manager he told me leave store i dont ever want you back on property *** them filed lawsuit federal court all these *** are dead *** around *** around you aint gonna be around all i wanted was my $2.40 bottle returns instead i walked out of store fuming i was ready to kill someone if i had vented anymore so i got nothing homeless 7 years living streets nobody has ever given me red penny over 7 years now laid off since 2006 havenot worked over 7 year i hope someday someone will realize what it is like to live on $50.00 month then pay for everything nodody is ever given me a dime forget meijers when was last time you ever saw them offer free lunch profits keep skyrocketing i am boycotting meijers also they call department 33 on me all meijer team members department 33 i dont know what department 33 is but they are not fbi that is all right i dont agree with meijers policy cannot dig in trash cans bottle room then nobody can go canning all canners call police everyone should sue lock up everybody thats the answer to everything *** everything avoid all retail stores meijers aldi walmart family fare they all never stop *** you in *** they always jack prices off everyday.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I agree the south will rise again! 1488


This is too funny, and quite pathetic if you ask me. I've never had a problem returning bottles to the PROPER place where they came from.


Aldi's only accepts bottle returns that have the Aldi logo on them. Pretty sure if you are digging in the trash inside the store at walmart, meijers and the likes they are going to escort you out anyway.

PS. There is plenty of food that gets tossed into the dumpsters behind the stores.


If you're homeless how are you using the internet? I don't mean to sound ignorant but the energy you used to log online and complain you could have easily walked over to mcdonalds and asked for a job. They're always hiring.


Most likely the post was written on a computer at the public library. With just a little research, I see that the Wyoming Branch of Kent District Library at 3350 Michael Ave. SW, Wyoming, MI 49509 offers, "Public computers with internet, word processing and other software".



You can't return another store's bottles to their store. I don't see the problem with that.

It sounds like you got a little argumentative and were asked to leave. I don't see the problem with that either.

Neither the employees or other customers should have to be subjected to someone getting hostile and vulgar. But to give them a negative review for simply upholding their policies is unfair.

Sara L


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