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Update by user Oct 12, 2017

I sued and won the manager was fired and me and my family received an apology! Justice was served!

Original review posted by user Nov 29, 2015

Went to return a item that I bought last night. Turned out to be the wrong item decided to take it back today.

Walked in with the item under my arm while talking to the phone. Walked all the way around. Waited my turn in line, get to the cashier and she says you can return it because u stolen it. No I have a receipt for the item, I would like a refund.

Manager Joe was called and I explain the issue. I was told to leave the store. I called the police (they watched the video of the door only) and said that it doesn't should the item in your hand so I was never given a refund nor the item back. Police advise to take to small claims court.

But if I stole it why wasn't I arrested. Why should I have to sue for my money back for something that I bought. If my skin was a different color this would be a whole lot different.

I will never shop here again. And make sure no one I know will either that's a promise....

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Weird...I work in that district. Joe got promoted.

It definitely isn't your race, as currently our biggest issue are a group of white "kids".

But then again I don't work at that store. If it's ran like that, it'd be a shame.


It's true. Aldi does practice racism as well as anti-semitism.

While working there, I was instructed by my manager and on other occasions by my district manager to follow the "black" person in the store "because they are probably here to rip us off." I have a mixed family and was very offended by this. On numerous occasions I also would hear them put down people of the Hebrew faith.

Stuff like..."*** Jews, always trying to scam free stuff out of us". My store manager was a born again Christian and he asked me if I was Christian, I said "yes, I'm Catholic" he replies back "you're not a christian".

@Ex Aldi employee

I am sorry, but I am gonna call bull *** here.

I have been at Aldi's for over 20 years. In that length of time I never practiced that at all. Every District MGR I ever talked to has been very kind.

So I am just spit balling here, I think maybe you got fired and your just hostile.


So you should know they will not compensate for BS. I sued and won.

So no there's no BS here this is as real as it gets....

Period! #Staywoke


Wow...we just got an Aldi's & I love it!! They (ours anyway) have better prices than Wallyworld.

Unfortunately, people are people...& *** comes in all colors!! Maybe they had a problem with other black males? I hope & pray it wasn't racism. If it was, then that guy will be held accountable on judgement day!!

I wouldn't want to be him, Trust.

I am sorry for your experience, that was way, way, WAY Wrong!! God Bless You Brother.


Normally when people bring "returns" into a store,

the unwanted items are in a bag, not hidden under one's arm. Also, people making legitimate returns do not throw temper tantrums at the register, initiate profanity-laden tirades with store management, get thrown out of the store, or require the police to be called. In this case, either the item was indeed stolen, OR the individual simply has no clue how to conduct oneself appropriately in public, OR perhaps both.


Its ridiculous that every time something happens you wanna throw the race card .people are so sick of it every time y'all don't get your way get a life.go to work and stop blaming every body else for your issues.


Really?? I am white.

Probably, whiter than you, I've seen it up close and personal. We went to a store in Pasadena, California which generally is not racist. We were followed, both of us, every step we took. That *** manager lost a lot of business that day.

My black friend was loaded! It was ridiculous, I had never seen racism like that and I hope I never see it again but it does exist and that is pathetic.


Goodnight to all you and your user names thanks for all the comments!


Believe what you may. And stay blessed:)


anquella...Baby, I wouldn't "bless" these freaky folk!! They have


Do you understand how badly you handled the situation? You don't whip out a camera to videotape and harass people that are just doing their job.

maybe they didn't handle it the right way either but I can imagine they probably get lots of people that try to steal from the store on a regular basis and they were just being cautious. Believe me when I say A LOT of people try to steal at ALDI because they think the employees are dumb. No, we are most certainly not dumb. Next time -at any store- go to a cashier and ask them where you can return an item.

They might tell you to get in line but that way they see you with the item. You were probably not arrested because th managers at ALDI actually resort to that last and only with habitual shoplifters.

If this was your "first offense" it's considered your "warning". Even though you were obviously a *** to this joe guy he didn't file charges on you and that's why you were let go.


Were you there? No.

When u walk in a store are you watched like a thief. Well guess what? It happens to me everyday. To be embarrassed and disrespected because Joe assumed, on all levels are wrong.

That's why it was recorded for proof of his behavior. What happen to the customer is always right.

This is a battle that will be taken to court. Like I said before we did nothing wrong, other than being black while requesting a refund.


Nice, play the race card. You cannot just record someone and post their picture online without permission. When a customer does something wrong they are not right.


Again we did nothing wrong, other than being black while requesting a refund. In what return policy does it says the item you are returning must be on camera.

I know you will never know how it felt to be treated like we were.

I've worked my whole life, everything I have I own, I give back to my community. At the end of the day I will never let this change who I am or what I believe in.

I call it how I see it....


I am Mexican so yes, I know what it feels like to be watched vigilantly at stores because of the color of my skin so don't play the race card. This guy walked in and maybe he was in the right but his actions prove otherwise as he violated someone's right to privacy by videotaping him simply because he believed he was the victim in the situation. I was not there but I work at ALDI and I know how sneaky people can be (of all colors) so ALDI employees are trained to be cautious.


I ve had the similar thing happen to me....I'm white.. So what now these stores discriminate against the white and the black people??...

Heck I think they just take precautions to any human walking around with items tucked under their arm ,coat, etc! It's their job.

( my item was under my stroller, but I was very calm , showed receipt ( still not believed) then asked them to review their security tapes that showed me coming into the building and the box is clearly seen) 2 hours of wasted time but they ended up believing me and gave several apologies ( which was not needed as I should of known better, and thought about what I was doing lol)


Well it would be simple to clear the problem up.

They can just look at your receipt, then check the camera to see if was bought by you.


I come from Kansas City where there is a large black population and they dont get followed. So I don’t believe it was racism. Maybe you e given them problems before and they don’t trust you?


Be careful she is calling everyone she disagrees with "racist". I actually feel sorry for her, like someone said she is the racist and cannot see past skin color.

I know she won't admit to it, it is a shame.

Maybe one day she will grow up and come to her senses. Until then I wish her the best of luck.

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