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Aldi is a great supermarket but we had a problem with a cashier at the check out she was just throwing the grocery into the cart n scaring our 3 month baby I ask the cashier to please slow down and her response was she got trained that way, was the point of buying grocery of awesome quality and at the check out the cash register associates are just going damage n break the items please look into these problem

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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we have to scan 40 items per minute and more ---I wish one day the find another way to prove that we are doing fast at the register without that rule ---


I hate the way they throw your groceries in the cart! It makes the shopping there horrible.

Also *** to have carts locked! I won't be going there ever again.


All Aldi cashiers are time daily on how many items they ring a minute and yes, they are trained to put things in the carriage quickly. If quotas on ring speed aren't met, we are written up for it and our hours on the schedule reflect it also.

I currently work for Aldi and know what I speak of. It's all about the money and productivity.


People on this site aren't going to look into anything for you. You have to go to the Aldi's website for that.

What of your groceries were getting damaged or broken? It isn't as if you were buying dishes and knick-knacks for your house. What items exactly that were being tossed into your cart that was scaring your baby?

Anything heavy enough to do that couldn't have just been tossed into the cart. I think you are exaggerating.


Are you joking around or are you really that much of a dumbfucker?! Aldi sells many items that come in glass bottles.

Other fragile/easily damaged items include eggs, milk, cake, bread, chips, cookies, etc. You think if your childish backside was in the cart and I threw a 2 liter bottle of soda in the back, that your pathetic self wouldn't jump?

Get off the d@mn internet and go do some chores for your mama! You gotta earn your keep, basement baby!!!!

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