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Have been going to Aldi for 6 years now. Tonight I went and the same check out lady that frequently insults my daughter by telling her how tired she looks.

Never misses saying that to her, or asks her what's wrong why does she have that face. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my daughter. She is very quiet and sensitive. Everytime the lady makes those thoughtless comments, my daughter leaves feeling insecure and hurt by her.

Today to her rude comment she added, oh do you look like that because your mother only feeds you lettuce! And began laughing at her. Then to top it off I had to go back and argue with her to get the ten dollars back she short changed me. WTH is going on!

You can't even call to complain about rude people like this because there is no customer service number! I've had it!

Been going there 3 times per week and I am done with this store. Not worth the insult.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't feel bad. My daughter is special needs and was insulted by a district manager. When I posted what happened, people on here insulted me.


Did her name happen to be Erika Lempa?


I would have said "my daughter and I are both TIRED of you making your little snippy remarks, so knock it off"! You should have complained at the time of the last incident to the store manager and future-going, don't go through that woman's lane.


I always make a special effort to avoid going through lines with checkers like that, even if it means I have to wait behind someone buying $300 worth of groceries.

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