Weatogue, Connecticut
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I just had a customer service lady treat me & my family like dirt in the Dayville, CT ALDI store. I went to put a 19lb.

Turkey back, & I came back she radios to someone "never mind she came back up front." How unprofessional & rude.

This lady just managed to make loyal customers not come back. Shame on her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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She was probably asking for a suspend (putting your order on hold) from her manager. That way she could put your items to the side and help the other customers in line. When she saw you come back, she walkied "never mind she came back up front." I am not really sure why you think this is rude...


I too am wondering what the rest of this story is and how someone talking on a walkie talkie is rude.


Something is missing...why would a worker, who is on a walkie, be deemed rude and unprofessional. If the store management wants the workers to use a walkie, then they have to.

This is how stores function.

Do you not work? Seriously.


Then I wonder what you wanted her to say instead?

Was this over the store intercom or was this just between her and the employee who was using their radio?

Exactly what was rude about her behavior?

That is not explained in your complaint.

There has to more to this story.

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