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My 3rd visit to Aldi- this time I get a few more items -and I spent about $36 and some of the prices I don't think you are a big deal. If you look for sales, And use them at a place except double coupons you can often get brand names for a lesson with all the charges for their brands. Where they get the names of these brands? Brands like Clancys potato chips?Maybe the names come from employees are executives at Aldis.

Maybe it was inspired by the Buffalo Springfield so on nowadays Clancy can't even sing.

I'm going to be taking some of the items I bought their back. I wasn't too impressed with the quality.

Apparently either bakery items are pretty decent and the food prices are really reasonable.What's with the old-school put $.25 in Newark to use a shopping cart? And Why are there no electric shopping carts for the convenience of people like myself who have difficulty walking? It's electric they don't have to worry about paying a salary to Mice!I've seen several people come up to the store after they close and to their dismay stores closed. Are you supposed to know if there's no phone number to call? Not very convenient!OK I could see using your own bags and other recycled carriers.

Well nice try Alan! Maybe you can get very clever and name your brand of whipped potatoes, M A S H. Potatoes get it?I guess you should've stuck with acting and directing!

Huh? What do you mean? OhI thought it is owned by Alan Aldi- from MASH. Oh it's not Alda its ALDI, no relation to Allen.And here I thought I was hearing the TV theme song to mash every time I've gone in there to shop.Well it's certainly not BJ's. Warehouse that is, not Hunneycut.

Huh? O

myself Who which is in the mist of having bilateral knee surgery and I'm having some difficulty with walking.

Last time I ever listen to Radar!

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I have bought expire food from publix, so what!

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