Palm Springs North, Florida
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Found a hair inside the cream cheese tub!! Disgusting!

And this isn't the first time, previously I found a hair inside a frozen burrito. There's a reason why Aldis is so inexpensive, they probably don't have the quality control measures in place to save some money!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That "hair" looks like it dropped in after you opened it. I can't imagine that it would not be coated in cream cheese if otherwise.

Besides, I've found lead bird shot pellets inside cans of Campbell's soup, a small rock in a can of Hormel chili, and other issues.

Your issue is not with Aldi, it is with overall quality control in the food industry.


Since when does anybody find a hair lying on top of an almost empty container of cream cheese!!?? That looks like an eyelash. You probably dropped it in there yourself you low grade ***!!!

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