Chicago, Illinois

Complaint against Store manager Brian at location 203 Springboro Pike Dayton, OH.. Mgr Brian confronted me 30 sec into shopping because he "didn't approve of me comparison shopping (looking up an item/price before purchasing)".

He told me I was "not allowed to write down any info about Aldi products". I pointed out that they have a printed flyer w/the same info I was getting. He did not like that. He started yelling at me and getting as physically close to me as possible (to intimidate me) & scared the *** out of my autistic 2yr old that I was holding (trying to calm him)..

I NEVER raised my voice, interfered w/other customers, or was doing anything wrong at any point.. I repeatedly asked him to back away from me & leave me alone.. He left for a minute & came back with a dolly full of products to "shelf". He started putting the boxes on the shelf directly over my head, & when I would move, he'd follow me & do the same.

I went to a different section, he followed & kept doing it. I asked him to back away from me before he crossed the line, and he responded by knocking over a huge display box of crackers (had about 20 boxes of ritz-type crackers in it) onto my head, barely missing my 2yr old. I caught some of them & some of them fell. He just looked at me, then he started making a bigger scene "throwing me out of the store" (though I was leaving on my own accord)..

My son was FREAKING OUT, crying, yelling & shaking.. I tried calming him as we were leaving, but the mgr continued going at me all the way to the door! I started recording him yelling & threatening me (I still wasn't saying anything to show how crazy he was on the recording) & asked for his name & title before I left (to file a complaint).. He refused for several minutes, then finally told me his 1st name..

I asked him if he was proud of terrorizing a 2yr old with autism & a single mom trying to shop.. He just looked at me & realized I was recording.. So he "demanded" I give him my phone so he could erase the recording, saying "no recordings were allowed in aldi".. Like ***!

I kept my phone & the recordings and left... I just want to know, HOW IN THE *** DID A MAN LIKE THIS GET A POSITION AS A MANAGER?????!!!!!!

He should be FIRED immediately!!! There is No Way I am the only person he's terrorized!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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Don't think 2 year Olds can be diagnosed thar early..prolly on food stamps and falsely getting a check


Just had to throw in the part about your autistic 2 year old.Did you think that would get you more sympathy?



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