Plato Center, Illinois
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I started as a cas associate at aldi in chicago and its been a year until i quit ever since i started at the store i didnt feel welcomed by the store manager or employees if anything after awhile i felt discriminated and harassed. I put my all into my job and whatever i was asked to do.

They treated me as if i was *** and made me feel belittled. After addressing the DM how i felt she actually went against me about what was going on in the workplace. She didnt so her job by protecting me the employee. She would pull me in the office to badger me on what other employees would say to her (the employees who didnt like me) knowing i had confrontations with the store manager she didnt take inititive to realize that i wasnt the wrong one.

Future reference to people ALDI is a terrible place to work. Dont waste your time with them. They always want more and more out of you.

If they could they wouldnt even give you a lunch break. They manipulate their employees and want you to think working for them is the best you will ever have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Sorry you had to go threw that my experience was different. We had probably the worst customers you could ever come across and it was so much one manager quit, one more is planning too and so are several associates.

The company's expectations are unreal. I knew the minute I started this was not a company who's policies I agreed with.


"They always want more and more out of you."

Heaven forbid a company want their moneys worth out of you right?

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