Chicago, Illinois

As a employee of Aldi I can admit to all customers and future customers that every product aldi sells to you the consumer is rubbish straight trash. The produce is almost all the time rotten.

To save aldi dollars and produce the manager is to pick out all the rotten produce with their dirty hands and yes put it back on the rack or reduce the cost by any means. The freezer area- if a recent customer sets aside a frozen product that they dont want to buy anymore and it thaws out or melts that product is going right back in the freezer. Same with cooler items if it turns warm they just put it back in the cooler. The fresh meat same thing, the beef and steak is made from horse meat.

I personally never bought their products because i know how badly it is. The people that are in higher positions you will never see them buying anything. Your better off spending a little more money at a different store just so you know your eating better food eating aldi food is like eating plastic. I honestly dont know how they are still in business.

The people who keep them in business is the people on government assistance. They treat their employees like slaves thats why half of them are rude. They give you a time limit and if you dont exceed their expectations you will be sitting down in the office with the store manager and the district manager. They will go over all the bad thing that they claim you have done like not ringing fast enough.

Basically you have to be a robot to work here. They will not go over all the good things you have done only the so called bad. The previous comment some one made about leaving the cold freezer pallets and cooler pallets out for a long period of time before putting it away is also true.

I hope my review was helpful. And i hope you realize what you are consuming

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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haha you are hilarious. I will not even go into the grammatical errors, but everything you put down is lies and bolder-dash.


Your review was not helpful. Mostly lies.


Believe it or not. Very true.


I work at Aldi and we don't do any of those things in our store. Yes we work fast and effective to keep the cost down, but the when we look at our produce we are told that if you wouldn't buy it throw it out.

Our meat and dairy pallets are not left on the floor except to stock and we work fast! We have had complaints about rude employees but compared with what the public has said to us as workers they don't have a leg to stand on. I was told by one customer that I sit on my *** all day while he paid with his food stamp card! REALLY PEOPLE.

Christmas Eve one person pushed an employee while she was locking the door and barged through.

They treat us great with benefits, pay, retirement and more. I don't see Walmart doing anything for their employees.

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