Elgin, Illinois
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i bought the mama cozzi mega stuffed pizza rolls the other day. I made 4 of them when, i bit into the last one it was filled with a white powder and the sauce was jelly like.

I was disgusted. The next day and a half i was in bed and was getting sick (actually puking)...i couldnt eat and my stomch was in lots of pain. Im trying to get a hold of the company but cant find a number anywhere.

if anyone can help me get in contact with them i would appreciate it. My email is nkram21@gmail.com.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sue them, they poisoned you. Maybe a big settlement would make them make decent food.


Were you medically diagnosed? If not, you can't prove you got sick from the food.

It could have been stomach flu. Stomach flu can hit without any warning and it can last more than one day.


No I was not. However, I did save the pizza roll, I could maybe get it tested?

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