Omaha, Nebraska
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Being vegan and 80% below the poverty level, I've found Aldi a wonderful place to shop.

Your selections of fresh vegetable and fruit are great. The premade guacamole is awesome.

An associate suggested I write to you at corp. to let you know how happy I was with your store and alsoto ask/put in my opinion on vegan ways.

I really wish you would bring back your healthy choice vegetarian chili.

ALSO your red pepper jelly is wonderful! Its hard to find a sweet tasting item like that...and it's fabulous and very cost friendly.

Your selection of cocunut oil, flax seed etc is great. Sunflower oil would be a welcome item.

The premade pizza crust, wonderful!

Thank- you so much from the vegan crowd, I ttell everyone about the store and post items on my Facebook page like the red pepper jelly so other vegans can get great deals.

Blessed Be

Anne Marie

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I also shop vegan and Aldi is my main store! The jarred sweet/hot cherry peppers I found on close-out are wonderful! They're not stocked anymore, and I wish they come back!

The chipotle black bean veggie burgers are also very good and a good price.

Just bought the Kitchen Living nutrition extractor blender (you know!) and it's as good as the name brand-put the blender on before plugging in to prevent stripping the gears

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