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I've worked in retail for 25 years and while I certainly agree that a customer should NEVER be treated rudely and never spoken to loudly so that other people can hear a discussion I don't agree with the rest of your posting.

We shop at Alid's because of the great products and low prices. The low prices are only possible because of the company's streamlined product model - eliminating and sticking to the bare minimal needed so they don't have to recoup costs by increasing product costs.

Can you imagine what the stores would look like if anyone could return anything after 90 days regardless of whether they are resellable or unopened? Fact, certain products sell at certain times of the year - plus how exactly would Aldi's display only 1 of a product since they base their displays on mass quantities? They would need a whole isle just for single returns. How often do you do through the music box when you shop? Maybe you do look but you certainly don't dig through the entire bin on each and every visit - next time you're in stop and count the number of people that walk by these misc areas without even slowing down.

We all buy products that we never use, can't use, or changed our minds on for one reason or another. That's not the stores fault. Our houses, garages, and closets are filed with then. Your $5 and $25 91+ day old return would quickly turn into thousands of dollars each month.

Stores have to ship out and even return unsold single products so now the store is paying employees to take in more returns, reshelf, repackage, and even reprice an item. Does anyone also understand the marketing research that goes along with single items? When there is only one item left of a product customers suspect there is something wrong with it and won't buy it or/and expect a great discount.

So your insistence that a company should just make an exception for you because your a great customer is false. If you were a great customer you wouldn't expect an employee to make an exception for you when they would then have to make an exception for everyone. It shouldn't matter if you spend $20000 or I spend $20 why is your purchase different from mine? If you still believe that it should then you should only shop at stores offering reward incentives but keep in mind those expensive rewards programs are paid with inflated product prices. At Aldi's everyone should be tested the same way.

Why not give your unused kettle set to someone as a gift? Surely if it is that resellable you or someone you know should be able to give it to someone else.

Come on stop thinking your needs are better than anyone else. Target and Walmart also have a 90 return policy. Their policy is actually better than most. As a customer you should know the return policy and always ask if you're uncertain. They can't post their polices at each and every turn.

Plus you're completing overlooking the fact that your asking an employee to risk their own job over making an exception for you. What should that employee do - stop and write out a report on your sad story so they remember what happened when corporate asks 2 weeks later why their store still has an item that was supposed to be sold out months earlier? Corporate people question exceptions and question why a product that should have been transferred from the store now shows an inventory of 1. Not to mention the cost of having to keep SKU numbers and barcodes for items older that they no longer carry. That is a huge expense for companies. You have no idea how much it would cost to constantly increase IT storage.

Next time your at Aldi's take a moment and watch the number of people who don't even glance at the "misc" bins or watch as customers toss those items aside as they hunt thru the bins damaging the packaging and products in the process.

I'm apologize that this is so long but when I worked as a manager at Kidsrus I had to make "exceptions" all the times for customers like you who would threaten to report me to corporate or post comments unless I did their bidding even though I stopped what I was doing, treated them with respect and took 5-15 minutes out of my busy day to listen and explain our store policies which were on the back of every receipt and posted in the store. Well all of those exceptions and returns for any reason caused Kidsrus to go out of business. Thousands of employees lost jobs they loved and low income areas lost affordable quality places to shop for kids clothing - leaving more and more Old Navy's and their inferior quality of clothes behind. Kidsrus had a fantastic benefits package and even offered health insurance and paid vacation to part-time employees. People who worked there rarely left. It was the customer is always right and the ridiculous return policies that killed the company. Not only that it created an atmosphere that bred theft and put me and my employees in danger as a result.

I appreciate Adli's in so many ways but mostly for the products they produce with less chemicals and preservatives. Compare their chips, peanut butter, cereals, cookies and most other premade food products to those in national brands at Walmart. You'll find a shorter ingredients list and less hidden addictives. They have made a commitment to provide healthier food choices store-wide without the high market up that Whole Food charges.

Next time I hope you can keep your focus on the rude customer service you experienced instead of complaining that they didnt grant your every wish. When you don't use an item within 20-60 days you're risking that your need for that item might change.

Everyone please give employees at Aldi's a break - they may be paid a little more for the same job but they are probably working harder too...they are always moving. None of us are perfect and we all have bad days, if someone is rude please remember that a smile and patience can motivate someone to respond in kind. And don't take a stores policy out on an employee. It is a corporate policy and not that employees fault. As employees we are basing decisions uniformly instead of making rash decisions as to wether I'm willing to help you or not.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OK didn't read the entire post, but I love the last paragraph and all I can say is thank you!!!

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