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I went to the Aldi's Grocery store on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs Georgia. I had bought a turkey a week ago and had let it fall out and put in the refrigerator.

I had to go out of town and forgot the turkey. It has been in the refrigerator since for about 8 days. It does it expire until 2018. I have two grandchildren less than 10 years old.

I just didn't feel comfortable cooking the turkey. So I went by Aldi's to see if they would exchange it. The manager didn't even come out to address but told the employee he could not get reimbursed and they could not swap it out. I have never had a problem with any other retailer such as Publix and Kroger after today I shall not go to all these again.

I know $10 would have broke them and there sister store Trader Joe. So stay with Publix in Kroger where you know you will get good customer service.

At least the managers there will talk to you personally. Unsatisfied

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is ridiculous. Actions like this are the reason prices are so high in most corporate chains.

You left the turkey out, you let it go bad, why should the store have to reimburse you for that? It was 100% your fault. Would Kroger or a big chain have taken it back? Possibly, because they would rather take the financial hit than you go to corporate about it and make up a story about them which puts a strick on their employment record.

Just because you can "get away" with something doesn't mean you should. If you bought a brand new Ford car, backed into a pole, would you take it back to them and cry when they told you they wouldn't fix it free?

Be an adult and own up to your actions. I'm much younger than you (30) and have a better handle on not taking advantage of people than you do.



You need to get a life, even if you need to purchase one.

So, you bought a turkey and by your admission you let it get close to bad and then you took it back to the retailer and asked them to stand behind it and make your bad - good again...

Am I right?

And then you are disgusted because they told you to go stick it in your a**?????

Ron White put it perfectly a few years ago, and I quote, "You cannot fix ***" If you would give me an email address, i would be happy to send $10 to start the "you need to get a life, even if you have to buy one fund" Wow....!!!! You don't even rate ***.... Have a nice day and good luck to you in your endeavours :)

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