Casselberry, Florida
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I live Aldi But I'm disabled & all handicap carts are missing from ALTAMONTE Springs store & Casslebury Aldis HELP this forces me to shop at other stores - I'd prefer Aldi's & your staff is very helpful & kind thank you When are you getting replacement handicap carts ??

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The ADA does not require any business to offer handicapped carts.

The ADA requires any business to be handicapped accessible. That means that a handicapped person must be able to enter a business using a handicapped cart, and since Aldi's is handicapped accessible, they are not in violation of the ADA requirements.

Handicapped carts are offered as a courtesy.


I bought a whole chicken from ALDIS. I went to cook the chicken.

Thank goodness that I split it open. When I split it, it was green inside, starting to go bad. I was pissed.

I have bought ground beef from their also, it was not fresh. Can good fine, meat no way.

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