Chicago, Illinois
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How do you get a job there applied about sixteen times.Been told if you are over fifty good luck.They need to wake up

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It's an extremely, extremely physically demanding job. If you think you just get to sit down and cashier you're terribly mistaken.


If you have applied 16 times and no luck, I think I would move on...


Umm just to let you know aldi is a VERY physical job. When you get there at 6 am you put up to 15 pallets of dry grocery alone out on the shelves and you have to do it as fast as you can.

And if you havent noticed, we dont have single items we put the entire box up. And then you have to do the freezer, then, cooler, all while running back and forth to cashier to be someones backup IF you even have backup. Thats the aldi way. Run with as few people as possible and run them to death.

Dont worry sir, its not worth your time.


It's true . If you are 50 or over or overweight ...they will not interview you .That is why they want you to pick up iapplication in person.

Guarantee you won't find late middle aged or fat people in any store . Believe me I checked out many locations in Mercer, Lawrence Counties in Pennsylvania.

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