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Roseland brand pork tenderloin from Aldi tasted horrible. I buy pork tenderloins all the time from other stores. The Aldi product is the only one I've ever cooked that was INEDIBLE.

If I had to describe the taste I would say rancid bacon or cheap fried bologna. I wasted my money and time.

Another complaint: Aldi has no customer service phone number or link on website so I couldn't inform the corporate office of this problem. Low prices are not a bargain when you waste money and ingredients and electricity cooking bad products. I thought I got bargain; but, I got ripped off.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I bought one these and didn't notice the date at time of.purchase it said sell by june 25 i purchased it on July 17. I attempted to take back to Aldi yesterday and because I did not have my receipt they did n or accept it! Our of pocket 7.00 for product and it is a 30 minute drive one way to Aldi on Stirling road, Hollywood Florida


I just bought, and cooked pork loin chops from Aldo's, and am disappointed with the taste. The pork has a weird pickled taste to it and I can barely taste the meat.

I read the packaging and it says that it's packaged with a sodium concoction.

This is the last time that I buy meat from Aldi's. Awful waste!


Same experience here


I have tried the pork chops from 2 different stores and they both taste terrible. I think anyone would agree it's hard to mess up a porkchop! There is something seriously wrong with the pork.


I agree there's something wrong with the pork chops. I have tried them twice from 2 different Aldi's and both tasted terrible. It's hard to mess up a porkchop!


Don’t ever buy the Aldo garlic tenderloin- taste like kerosene straight up !


I have a lemon garlic filet. Ive always enjoyed the taste of the pork. Always temder and flavorful


Roseland brand pork tenderloin is not a tenderloin. It's a processed piece of meat shaped like a tenderloin made from bits of pork pressed together. The one I cooked had tiny air bubbles throughout and was completely inedible.


Aidi will refund your money for any item with a receipt. They have given me a refund w/out a receipt as well but they do refund with a receipt for sure.


I bought 6 pork tender loins the other daybib pottsville, PA. We run tight on money so that is seven dinners with no meat this month.... I am completly bummed!!!


I'm eating Mesquite marinated pork tenderloin from Aldi right now and it's daaamn, daaaamn, daaaaaamn good. I'm enjoying it as I write this, accompanied with a simple traditional Greek cucumber, tomato, and onion salad with good feta cheese (imported) on the side

I guess you forgot about Aldi's money-back guarantee. All you had to do is tell an Aldi manager. I had to return 2 of their products and they were very gracious and apologetic.

This is how it was prepared:

I cut 3 slices and seasoned them liberally on both sides with salt, lemon pepper, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. I then pan fried them in olive oil with a bay leaf added to the skillet for good measure. After they were done frying I squeezed lemon juice over them for that extra pop.


Funny how my comments get erased


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You're all white trash.. You kidding me?

Debating meat from Aldi? No wonder we're screwd!


recently made an original tenderloin, my husband loved it, and he doesn't always rave about food, getting another one tomorrow


I often buy the terayki pork lion. I keep my fridge on like 4-5 and have eaten the pork lion as late as the day after the sale by date and mine have always been great.

In any grocery store, sometimes products are taken to the register and restocked. Generally items that are cold are returned asap but occasionally, not quick enough.

You may have been unlucky enough to get one of these items. Not saying it's ok, but sometimes human error happens.


Had the same experience. Had to throw it away even before we cooked it. It was rancid meat.



We bought the peppercorn pork tenderloin and it was good. However, this plain pork tenderloin smelled horrible, but it tasted OK.

Didn't make us sick, SO FAR!!! Made the house smell bad when I reheated the leftovers.


I just opened a plain Roseland Pork Tenderloin and it stinks! It smells like rotten shrimp.

I marinated it in some Italian dressing with a crushed garlic clove. Thought it would get better with cooking but it is not smelling good! I froze it as soon as I got it home, and thawed it out overnight in the fridge.

It hasn't even reached its "sell-by" date. I'm afraid it will make us sick!


I just made a peppercorn pork tenderloin from Aldi today and I thought it was fabulous. It was tender and delicious, I'd definitely buy it again.

Maybe you just had a bad one?

And I'm not saying that is ok, but just wondering out of curiosity. Have you bought one there before and every one had been bad?

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