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The aldi store in ashtabula ohio is a terrible place. The store manager JULIE ROOT is a *** and the district manager is a loser!

Don't shop there because you will be treated badly. They throw groceries in the cart becaUse each cashier is timed! They want the cashier to get through the line fast.don't shop at the aldi store in ashtabula ohio because the store manager is a bipolar weirdo and so is one of the other managers there too.

Joey is a phyco who stalks people and eats 25 snickers bars a day. The place sucks

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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The Aldi store in Ashtabula is very nice to shop at. Its always veey clean and the employees are always very kind and helpfull. I find it hard to believe the post that states otherwise.


obviously that person used to be a aldi employee and got fired,now she/he is pissed. Whats pretty sad


I have shopped at the Ashtabula Aldi store and cannot believe this comment. The store is clean, EVERY employee is friendly, helpful, and works hard!!!


Lol to funny 8) :eek

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