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I was shopping at Aldi in Lancaster, Ohio today, we only have one location. I can never remember a quarter for the cart and rarely carry cash much less change.

So, I long ago solved this problem by having a quarter with *** drilled into attached to my key chain. I put it in, get my cart and when I am done shopping I put the cart back and viola! I have my keys back. In my opinion no harm no foul and I don't have to remember to bring a quarter.

Meanwhile, today I am checking out the male manager starts to pull up another cart to put my groceries in. Now, my cart was empty and I was pushing it toward him so he didn't have to get up. I said no, my keys are attached too this one and I need for you to use it. Suddenly this man began screaming!

"I don't ever wanna see this again, these devices cost a hundred dollars a piece! Don't you ever come into my store again and do this!" The whole store was crowded and everyone was looking as if I had done something wrong. I said "what is the problem?" He still very loud said "you jammed a key up in their, if you ever come back her and don't want to use a quarter come in and ask if someone will give you a quarter!" I was mortified and didn't not either want to start crying or punch the guy straight in the face so I hesistated, before I said anything. I said "you do realize that is real quarter in there and not a key?" If he'd bothered to look he would have seen that.

His reply was, "well, just don't do it again in damages my carts". I was mad, I neeeded the groceries and didn't want to have to go elsewhere so I just let him ring me out and took them out the door. I didn't even stop to bag them in the store. I bagged them at my trunk and took the cart back.

When I was taking the cart back so I could release the quarter along with my keys and older man stopped me and wanted to know what I did to have that guy act like an ***. I told him the story and showed him the quarter. He said if I were I'd march back in there and show that azzhole that quarter. So I did, he didn't apologize his only reply is don't do it again.

I don't know what is problem is but I will pursue this until I either get an apology or he is fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

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Well in most peoples opinion, what you do is theft and everything that happened to you is your own fault! Pay the quarter and move on.

The fact that you have gone through the trouble of defacing govt property by drilling *** in u.s. currency to save a quarter is embarasing to everyone who reads this.

Hope its worth it. Wow what garbage!


Evidently you are illiterate they had real quarter just attached to a key chain. So you don't forget it.


Wow. I work for aldi in canton Ohio and we would never talk to someone like that .

We might look at you weird but we would never treat someone like that . Wow .

You should ask for the district manager to contact you. Or go to


If it damaged the carts you should be forced to pay for it. Where was your mommy all this time?


I do not blame you, I would pursue this matter. I have shopped at Aldi's for years, usually in Newark.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that men do not stay very long one week they are there, next week not. My opinion, too fast paced.


You think it is okay for her to damage their property.


That's technically stealing?


Anonymous your comments are technically ridiculous.


***, the person gets the quarter back when they are done shopping anyway. She wasn't stealing but it's apparent you can't read any how. Take the needle out of your arm and sober up.


they weren't stealing they were using a quarter attached to a key chain, are you retarded?


I'm not sure why you were trying to cheapskate a quarter.... Let alone you get it back when done shopping :/


I was born in Lancaster. People are so self centered and crazy that I moved to Hawaii for 25 years.

That was as far as I could get away from the place and still be in the USA. I am not surprised that you were treated that way.

Many Lancaster people are unhealthy, on meds, illegal drugs, alcohol....and mentally in need of couneling. I am not saying that the store manager is on drugs or alcohol, but you get what I am saying.


Lancaster ohio Aldi store is the worst store i have ever been too. Their workers are rude.

I was just there had jesssica check me out. She sat on her lazy *** I had a full cart which i spend 200 for. Jessica didnt care how to handle what i was paying for. My box good were thrown on the bottom my 2 cases of can goods on top of that and my fruit on top of that and 3 bags of potatoes on top of that.

This rude worker never got out of her seat pulled another cart up and started over. Teach your workers respect for their customer. If its not for your customer you dont have a job.

Get rid of the rolling chair and make them stand so customers things arent being damage. :(


Sounds like you all need to start a campaign to get the store manager fired! Good managers hire good people.


I think that manager should have been fired, and it is obvious that they don't care about customers when they don't even publish a phone number to any of their stores. Not to mention they are always posting that they are hiring but never return calls when you apply. Not sure if I will ever shop at ALDI again


I think you should all be fired. Calling a customer a *** or a "retard" is uncalled for. I applied to Aldi yesterday and I don't care how desperate I am, I am NOT working with such ignorant people.


I can't believe someone would represent their company in such an unethical and unprofessional way. The company should be ashamed to employ someone so rude.

Are you actually complaining that you get paid well with benefits. You only work 50 hours oh and you have to work at your job. Well that is pathetic.

I shop at aldi in Reynoldsburg and the staff and management are nothing like what has been represented here by aldi employees. You give those people a bad name.


Guess what? You're an ***.

Retarded customers like you are the reason most of us want to quit right in the middle of ringing up your order. Just walk away.

If every moronic customer stayed away from aldi, we would go out of business. (translation: you're all ***

@Aldi employee

WOW, if you are an Aldi employee you should be fired for that comment. Just because you don't want to work or do your job doesn't make the customers idiots.

If I were treated like by an Aldi employee and I had done nothing wrong, you better believe I would speak my mind...directly to the local media. :x


Then the media would know how foolish you are and not like you for damaging their carts.

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