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I was shopping in Aldi Miranda in Sydney Australia at 5 pm Friday June 22nd. I have previously had great experiences with Aldi.

I did my shopping and got into the line to pay for the food. I noticed a slightly disabled child playing with an empty register. I heard the cashier tell the child's mother to stop the child. He spoke in a rude way which sounded arrogant and disrespectful.

I went next in line. We were about to leave when we realised we had a coin in the trolley. There were a couple of other trolleys near by so my wife went to put the trolleys together to get our coin back. The cashier yelled out.

"Don't do that. Those trolleys are broken. Go and find another one". My wife stopped what she was doing.

By this stage I was sick of the man's attitude so I went up and put the trolleys together and got my $1 back. I heard the cashier say. "What a *** fu***er". He said this in front of the other female cashier working next to him and in front of the other customers he was serving.

I was shocked and tempted to go and ask him to repeat what he said to my face. I then yelled out in the store that the cashier was pretty bad at customer service then I left. In Sydney we have lots of discount type stores but I would say we have pretty reasonable customer service and I find it amazing that a big compay like Aldi would employ a staff member who swears at customers. I got a sense that the particular cashier though he was in charge of herding animals through the store.

Not a great feeling. As a customer spending money I except staff to be at least reasonably pleasant. I will not be going back there. The staff at Coles, Woolworths, Costco and IGA are much nicer.

Costco is a similar type place that is new to Sydney. Their staff are very nice.

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i think aldis staff is rude all over the world i wonder what kind of backround checks they do , or maybe this is the way they are trained

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