Bellevue, Washington

As a "several years" shopper at ALDI, I feel they offer great value in most of their foods. The few times I've taken anything back for replacement or refund, they've been courteous and quick to accommodate me.

(Particularly in the Burlington, NC store, where I've shopped consistently for over 3 years.) Occasionally they do get "rambunctious" in getting your selections into the cart quickly, but they've laughed with me and were careful when I might say, "Hey... careful with my potato chips, here... I don't want to have to eat them with a spoon!!"

Many items there are GREAT... the pre-formed hamburger patties (refrigerated, not frozen, packed in black tray w/clear wrap on top) are good...

their "Mama Cozzi's Pepperonin Pizza" (frozen; similar to a "Tombstone") is an absolute BARGAIN for only $1.99, which is less than half of the price of Tombstone; their potato chips are the best quality, lowest priced of ANY store's, bar none... Wal-Mart doesn't even compete w/them on stuff like this; the packaged vegetables are generally very good; their "old fashioned" style loaf bread @ .89 cents is a DEAL; they often have seasonal specialties that are interesting.... I think they're great!

NO, I don't work for them! lol!!

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I agree with you about Aldi. I shop there all the time.

We, luckily have three to choose from; two close by, and one a bit farther away. That store has really been a big help in saving me grocery money. Sometimes I go in there and I see a huge bargain on something, or a big markdown on something I use anyway, and I will stock up. I love their canned tomato products, their tortilla and potato chips, salsa, block cheeses, ground chicken, cappuccino in French Vanilla, their produce is great, especially bananas and sweet potatoes.

That store is my favorite one, and I do not work their, either, but the people there seem to enjoy their jobs. Aldi cashiers are allowed a stool to sit on while they work, which I feel all cashiers everywhere should be entitled to do.


Typo alert!!--there, not their. Sorry. Signed-the English Teacher

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