Arlington, Texas

Aldi in central Arlington, Tx checkout staff girl is very rude, literally throws, flings your items into the wagon at break neck speed. When I protested, she said thats how it is, I can bo x my groceries when done at counters for that purpose.

When I protested she does not need to be so brutal to items Im paying them good money for, she called the mngr ocer. He defended her & gave me a hard time for complaining & holding up the line. That told me they do not care about customers.

Also, Ive noticed many items, especially canned or jarred items are often "distributed by Aldi" & come from China, Phillipenes, Viet Nam. Where I have read that food standards & sanitary requirements are poor or nonexistent.

I feel low orices mean lots of low end quality, imported, many GMO foods. Buyer Beware!

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Well it is also rude to call someone old enough to work a "girl"


Yeah right I am sure it happened exactly as you stated.


Aldi operates on a low cost strategy. Its Aldi.... Not Nieman Marcus...


What the original poster doesn't seem to understand is that Aldi is not a regular grocery store chain. The company is based in Germany, and has a more European attitude towards serving their customers. (I am not saying this is a good thing - just different.)

Aldi offers consumers ultra-low prices and products/brands not normally available at mainstream grocery stores. I have shopped there many times and never have I had a problem with quality, value. or service.

As regards service, the check out lanes are focused on getting customers processed as quickly as possible. To keep prices low, Aldi does not offer baggers, grocery bags, or shopping cart returns. So when you shop at Aldi, make sure and bring your own bags or boxes, have your method of payment quickly available, and bring a quarter to unlock a shopping cart.

As far as GMO/imported foods are concerned, Aldi makes no statements contrary-wise - they even put such information on the products that they sell. The decision to buy or not buy is entirely the consumer's. I personally love shopping at Aldi in addition to my reqular grocery purchases. The prices are fair and I don't mind bagging my own stuff. However, selection is not large, and you cannot expect to do one-stop pantry shopping there.


You could also return the ones that are damaged. I believe their items are marked for a double guarantee where you will get refunded plus the same item replaced.

As for the clerks, they are timed and are rated on performance.

Plus, one of the main goals is to get customers in and out. Seeing how quick people go through the line, it's a dramatic change of pace for the customers behind you who are used to getting in and out.

John N

If the cashier dents anything while putting them in the cart, tell her to take it off the bill. As for imported food items, check at other stores and you will find the same disclaimers. Bottom line: if you don't like Aldi, then don't shop there.

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