Omaha, Nebraska
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I like the taste of Aldi's 12 grain bread but they keep crushing their bread. I have repeatedly asked for a comment or solution from customer service.

The bread is uniformly crushed in the middle, making 2 or 3 slices ruined. They must think that it is somehow "artistic". This is not an occassional event. Their product is like this Every loaf, every day.

What do I get from Aldi? All I get is another stinking coupon for more and more curshed bread.

This is for their L'Oven brand of 12 grain bread. I have also complained to the store employees but am convinced they cannot help.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Loven bread is horrible.

I thinks it's made of old flour and or ingredients.

My kids can't spread peanut butter on it it crumbles ... and tastes old ..

I have tried them all even their whole wheat and rolls and even the sweet stuff like cinamon rools from loven taste horrible...don't buy Loven.


That's why they get it so cheap!

If they took the time to bubble wrap everything and handle it with extreme care then the cost of the bread would go up.

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