New Berlin, Wisconsin

Good Morning,

On August 27 @ approx. 5:12pm I had a very unfavorable experience with a cashier by the name of Eileen.

I am a loyal Aldi's customer and I frequently visit store #17 in Alsip, Ill. and many others across the city on a weekly basis and have never encountered a problem such as this before.

This particular Saturday afternoon upon my visit during checkout Eileen rung up my merchandise which totalled $54.87 I asked for $150.00 cash back.

Immediately Eileen responded "I don't have it" she told me she had $100.00. I told her I asked for $150.00 and if she could ask another cashier if they would possibly have the other $50.00 in their register.

Eileen looked at me and told me "THIS IS NOT A BANK". I could not believe that she indignantly made a response such as this.

I told Eileen that this was not the point and that my card agreement says that I can request this amount up to $200.00.

Eileen then calls across the store to another cashier who I believe was there from another store and he came to the register.

Eileen asked him if he had $200.00 in his register to give me for cash. I immediately corrected Eileen and told her I didn't ask for $200.00 I asked for $150.00 and told him he just needed to give her $50.00 because she had the $100.00 in her register.

The cashier gave her $50.00 out of his drawer. I thanked them both and proceeded to go and bag my groceries.

So while bagging I could hear Eileen talking very loud about the incident of me asking for this cash in which I ignored at first to another customer and as I was just about to leave the store I hear Eileen make another comment out loud.

I turned around to ask Eileen what was that she just said and she abruptly said again " THIS IS NOT A BANK ". I told Eileen to get over it and then the customer she was waiting on in which she was making these comments about the incident of me asking for cash had made a comment in which I told her to mind her own business.

Eileen was very unprofessional and Aldi's should teach her the process and procedure for cash withdrawals so no other customer will have to endure what I had to endure verbally from her.

Because I have visited many Aldi's in the city and never had a bad experience before I won't stop shopping at Aldi's because of one bad grape in the whole bunch.

I have contacted the Corp. Office to complain and I am waiting for a call back from the District Manager.

I am so furious though I think I will revisit the store and speak directly with a Manager s well who is in charge of that store. I really don't believe one was on site at the time of my visit since they were very short staffed that day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Cashier.

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No, they weren't short staffed that day. This is how they operate.

I don't condone this cashiers' behavior by any means. But trust when I tell you that aldi truly abuses it's employees to a point of not only exhaustion but frustration. Why the lack of customer service?

because cashiers are require a certain unattainable ring speed or they will get fired no excuses no buts! plus they have to do the job of a 3 people because you will usually find only two people in an entire store.


I just have a quick question. I buy frozen orange juice frequently at your store in Kernstown,Va.

Within two days the juice taste like it has spoiled. I checked the lable an found that item is from several different countries.

I think some other kind of juices are mixed together and one of them is either spoiled or sour. Be waiting on your answer.


Well rudeness at Aldi seems to be universal.

I just shopped an hour ago in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland at an Aldi for the very last time.

I had just unloaded two items and was proceeding to place the rest of the stuff onto the belt when the customer behind let her large container of water travel too far to the end.

As I was moving back that item in order to fit the rest of my purchases, the cashier in very hostile manner asked me to let that customer go ahead as she only had one item.

Normally I always cheerfully oblige one-item customers.

However this was so close to a demand from the cashier that I pointed out that I was already in line and had already placed some of my stuff.

An arguement ensued. The rude cashier was becoming aggressive. So I unloaded my stuff as fast as if I were working on a factory conveyor belt.

Of couse the cashier had already demanded that I bring the trolly/carriage around close to the counter. Anyway when paying, I was asked "card or cash". I said "card" and proceeded to take it out of my bag. But it was not in its usual compartment and so feeling panicky, nerve-wracked and under pressure I decided not to delay a further second.

Instead I told her I couldn't find it and would pay cash instead.

During the argument she had invited me to speak to a manager. She clearly had no fears about that, so I declined, thinking it would be futile.

Just as I was leaving I spotted a manager and made my complaint, which was witnessed by the smiling and fearless cashier.

He said he would have a word with her. But maybe that meant a word of sympathy with her about "awkward customers.

Anyway I left the store forgetting to put the trolly/carriage back to get my 2Euro coin refund.

This establishment practises a rude culture. Having lived in Germany for some years I have prior experience of this type of "customer service".

Aldi don't fit the local culture. They bring their own brand of "customer service" with them wherever they go.

If you have not already had a memorably bad experience at these stores there is a high chance that some day you will if you are a regular customer.

In my opinion replacing a pleasant shopping experience for this type "A" personality stress is simply not worth the money saved by the lower prices.

As said, I will never return!


You just sound like an awkward customer to be honest. In the time it would take to let one person with one item go before you, you'd have unloaded your trolley.

Then the fact you said you'd pay card, got flustered and said "oh no I don't know where it is... Erm... Hang on... Oh I can't find it...

I'll pay cash..." Can't be helpful either.

Technically the cashier was just keeping the queues short and dealing with selfish customers... Sorry mate!

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