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I am a connaisseur of Crab Cakes. So when I was shopping at Aldi's I noticed the Crab Cakes were a great deal!

I couldn't wait to try it for lunch the next day, dreaming about it all night. To my disappointment, it was sooo sweet, that it completely masked the taste of any seafood in it. I might as well have been eating cupcakes.

Aldi's, please omit the High Fructose Corn Syrup and any other sugars/sweeteners.

Crab meat has a very light and delicate flavor to it, which is completely overwhelmed by all the additives/fillers that are in it. If anything, add some celery and butter, breadcrumbs.

Thank you. Other than this, I love everything I buy at ALDI's, and I'm a frequent customer.

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the "connaisseur of Crab Cakes" is shocked...SHOCKED that Aldi doesn't have 5 star seafood products....

hahahahahaaha! thank you poster....this made my day!


Are you some type of food critic? WTF do you expect??

Do you really think it is a product they manufacture? I would expect a "connaisseur of Crab Cakes" would know better!!

Hahahaha!! Get over yourself!


I can't say I get surprised anymore. Listen, ALDI's, Save a Lot, ect, are cheap discount, off-brand stores.

I don't care how long you've shopped there, they will NEVER have the same quality as a big name store. Ever. You want quality crab cakes? Go to a real seafood market.

I'll bet you wont be dissappointed. As for ALDI's and the other "bargin" stores, they sell low quality, low value items. Thats why they're cheaper. Duh.

Would you buy the filet-mingnon at Deals? No. Why? Because it's junk.

So why be surprised when a discount store has low quality products? A bit nieve I think.

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