Rochester, New York

I went to Aldi's today, and they do not take credit, i find that very backward it is 2010... places should take credit card.

Then the cashier told me oh it saves you money because it cost extra to use credit. Well dear Aldi's it cost me extra to run to the back and get money. Also the cashier looked like she was high, very blood shot eye i'm afraid to touch the food what if she was sick and gets me sick. And if they are so concerned about saving the customer money then get rid of those fancy chairs your cashiers sit it.

And 11 bucks a hour!! you have got to be kidding me.

That would be a way to save money cut down their paycheck and let customers use credit cards. no one ever carries cash anymore.

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Merchants do pay more money for processing credit transactions. It is all related to a thing call interchange income and interchange fees.

Merchants who only accept debit have a choice in routing a transaction through an ATM/PIN network which is more cost effective for them as the issuer of the card pays higher interchange fees as opposed to the merchant, hence the POS debit fee you may pay to your bank for using your card as a PIN....And as far as cutting back someones pay check to pay for your transaction is outrageous. These people have families too and need to put food on their tables and 11 dollars an hour is nothing...have you ever lived on 11 an hour???? COME ON!!. No one should be subjected to standing all day on ahard floor to wait on ungrateful people like you.

I say keep the chairs and ENTER YOUR PIN...even your credit card has one. and so what if they were can not make you sick.


dumnb *** you have no idea what you are talking about. you sound like a spolied brat. keep talking like that and its only a matter of time before you get punched in the face

Lisa R

I can see why you stay Anonymous :eek , I'd hate to spout such *** and have my name attached to it.


I would like to see the customers that complain about the 'rude cashiers/workers actually try and do the job that the cashiers do. As for the chairs we sit on, they aren't that comfortable.

We are required to do alot and half the time aren't thanked by the customers or the employers themselves. We ring up customers, clean, stock shelves that is just a few things.

And that doesn't count the *** hours we are required to work, having to be avaible from 6am to 10pm with no set schedule!! :(


they are cheap enough!!who the *** byes groceries with a credit card anyway and especially at aldis where the prices are so reasonable you can bye two days of food with pocketchange.

yours truly

aldis regular customer


i agree with growup, get a debit card like the rest of americans and complain about something worth it instead of trying to ruin a company with opinionated whiney B.S.


Seriously an responsible adult takes cash with them for emergencies. Dont blame them because you were short on cash.

Your other complaints about how much they make and the fancy chairs they sit are pointless. I think you are jealous they mak more than you do.

They have a right to make a decent amount of cash just like you do. You are so full of yourself.

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