Liverpool, New York

Avoid this product. It has no taste and the sausage was some kind of mystery meat.

I also noticed meat packages being sorted on the floor before being placed in the cooler. This place is not that great. Sales at a big supermarket are a much better deal and the food is of higher quality. Combine a coupon with a sale and the savings are greater than at Aldi's.

Nearly all food at Aldi's is their own brand. They do not accept coupons, credit cards, or checks. You bag your own groceries. If you like this type of shopping, I suggest Sav-A-Lot.

They accept credit cards and personal checks. They also have a lot of store brands especially Goya at very good prices.

Aldi's seems to have a cult following. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Deal.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Sav-A-Lot is the biggest rip-off store ever. I've worked in grocery for almost 10 years and the name of that store could not be more ironic.


See notes below.

"supermarket... food is of higher quality": Most of the Aldi brand products are made by the same companies that supply the store brands to other retailers. Aldi just chooses to sell them a bit cheaper, typically. There is no difference in the quality of most Aldi items and store brand items.

" brands especially Goya...": Goya is not a store brand. Have you seen how many rusty Goya cans are on the shelves? Not a sign of quality. While you can see if there's a big leak in a can, you cannot see if the can has a pinhole leak. Bacteria can crawl in through a pinhole leak and infect the entire contents without you knowing. I, for one, would never buy Goya.

May I suggest you do a little more research on issues before expressing your opinions on them?


Aldi is certainly not for everyone. However, I do enjoy shopping there.

They do not take anything but cash, debit, or credit cards in payment, which makes their check outs MUCH more streamlined and getting in and out is pleasantly smooth and quick. No coupons means no long lines (except Saturday mornings). The traffic flow in stores is one-way for the most part, allowing for an efficient in-and-out.

Shoppers cannot assume that Aldi is a one-stop shop.

I go there for specific items advertised in their weekly fliers, which varies. While they do keep some staple items in stock, their stock usually rotates in variety on a weekly basis.


Never had their sausage pizza, but I have no qualms over their 4-meat frozen pizza. Then again, I don't call it a pizza unless it has pepperoni, but I digress.

The whole point of Aldi's has been about off-brand merchandise at low prices. Hence, there would hardly be any valid coupons to use at their store anyway, so what does it matter if they don't allow coupons? Eliminating coupons makes shopping straight-forward which also takes out errors caused by coupons.

You are right in saying that Aldi's isn't for everyone. Even for me, I do not solely depend on them as I combine my shopping needs with other stores. The best deals are never located at one store.

Actually, when I look at it now, no coupons, credit cards, checks, bagging your own groceries...It really all boils down to cutting time. I do see that it is difficult for new customers as most of this will deter them away. I only stuck around because my friend showed me the ropes beforehand which made it easy.


ITs a pizza from Aldi's einstein.....what did you expect....



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