Sholanda, Store Manager, was talking on the phone on what sounded like a personal call for at least 10 minutes, while she checked out customers and while I waited to return a pet bed. She rolled her eyes and said into the phone, "I'll call you back." Clearly, she was angry that my matter interrupted her phone call.

I returned a pet bed 3 weeks after I purchased it, in brand new condition, tag attached, with original receipt. I paid $12.99 but only received $6.50 back. She's snatched the receipt from my hand, processed my return, slapped the money into my hand, slammed the register door shut and turned to the next customer. When I asked why I had not received my full purchase price, Sholanda snapped, "The price has gone down since you bought it, so you only get the current price back." When I mentioned that seemed unfair, considering that I had the receipt and returned it within 3 weeks.

She said, "Then don't shop here." I certainly won't shop at Aldi again. I had been a loyal customer for well over 12 years, spend $200/week there, have convinced friends, family and neighbors to shop there. I will relay my experience to them. If you pay full price you will only be refunded the lowest price, even if you promptly return the item.

If you pay full price today, but the item is reduced tomorrow and you return it tomorrow, unused, in original packaging, with the original receipt, you will only be refunded the lower price.

Buyer beware! If you shop at the Buffalo Grove Illinois store, expect to be treated rudely by Sholanda and don't you dare have the audacity to interrupt her personal phone call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aldi Grocery Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow that is not professional! I hope you called corporate!

We always give you what you paid even if it has been marked down when you bring the receipt. As an ALDI employee I can assure you not every employee at every ALDI is the same and I sincerely hope you didn't allow this sour experience to steer you away from ALDI forever!!


I work at an aldi in Ohio, and that behavior right there would get her fired in an instant


What a *** this Sholanda is, I suggest you email the company and complain about her behavior! The other two comments are absolutely ridiculous, pay no mind to them! mike


They are not ridiculous. If the OP had any manners she would not be listening in on a private conversation.

What is ridiculous is the OP calling the manager rude when she herself is rude. The three year old that wrote this complaint is mistaking being told no as rudeness.


I don't even know where to begin.

To be honest you make me laugh.

Point one.

You claim the manager was rude.

However the only way to know what the conversation was about was by listening in on a conversation that does not concern you. That itself is rude. By calling them rude when you yourself are rude makes you a hypocrite.

Point two.

You claim you spend $200 a week.

We get a lot of comments like this here. How they spend $200 a week, $1000 a month. You obviously think that this will make them go out of business. Guess again, your pathetic $200 a week is peanuts to them.

Why the probably make that much in one minute. Point three. You claim you are a loyal customer for 12 years(which I doubt because for this to be so you would have to be at least 12 years old and from your behavior you are not). Even if this is true, boycotting a company because of one bad experience is not loyalty.

This is another thing that comes up a lot on this site, about how loyal people have been, yet they lot one bad experience boycott them. Trust me you won`t be missed. Point 4. You will tell all your friends and relatives about your experience, blah, blah blah, we get that a lot here on this site.

Out of all the friends, family and neighbors that you convinced not to shop there chances are only a few will listen to you.

Even if they all listen to you it won`t put them out of business. You don`t have that power.


The only way you would know it was a personal call was if you were listening in on it. Listening in on a private conversation is just as rude you hypocrite.

You are not a loyal customer if you boycott the shop just because you did not get your way one time.

$200 a week, you really think that will make them go out of business.

Telling your friends and family about your experience will do nothing. They won't just listen to you.

I like how people claim they are loyal customers yet let one bad experience boycott them from the store. I like how they mention they spend $200 a week(or any given amount) which is like peanuts to them.

Most of all I like it when they tell them they will tell their friends and family about their experience.

Even if they friends and family boycott the store as well they won't go out of business.

Before accusing anyone of rudeness, learn that you don't listen in on private conversations. The only way you would know this was private was because you listened in on it.


I bet you work for aldi that's why you are trying to make it look like nothing

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