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Was in Aldi's in MT. Pleasant, Wisconsin and the cashier questioned whether the bottled water I was purchasing was even carried by there store.

Really I guess she didn't see the whole pallet of bottled water about a few feet from her. Unbelievably rude and racist cashiers. I will not be spending anymore money at these supermarkets and I recommend people reading this review do the same. You can't even complain to anybody because they don't care.

Tried to call customer service to no avail you just end up leaving a voice message and nobody ever gets back to you. I won't be spending anymore money there customer service is horrible.

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Terrible, terrible, store. Screaming kids and parents scolding them.

I can't even be thrifty and read the labels to get my money's worth without 5 people hovering over me. You have to PAY FOR SHOPPING CARTS and BAGS! They must not want your business very badly. I expect to have to have to pay for a parking spot at any time.

The food quality is poor at best and they never have many items in their flyer either. Look out wal-mart and I come!


i feel you. I hate this place.

It is the worse place I have ever worked and that is no underestimation. They really should be shut down. Their items are very poor quality, and they won't become unionized for their workers supposedly to pay more, They would be shut down if the union had anything to do with them. The gov't should look into their practices with their employees.

It is a horrible work enviroment. The place is HORRIBLE


I am actually a cashier at Aldi. She was probably asking whether it was Spring or Purified water.

I ask this many times a day when the case of water is on the bottom of the cart and there is food covering it. How was she rude and racist in asking that so that you were charged the proper amount for the peticular wather you bought?


Aldi's only carries one kind of bottled water at a time. I wouldn't find it unusal if she questioned where you got it from because they check you out so fast that they memorize the codes for bottled water. Since you probably got a "new" type he/she had to look up or even scan the upc code.

If thats a problem for you I'm sure some other rude or racist cashier from another store will take +25% for the same darn product.

Dan S

Maybe the cases of bottle water was a new brand or the bottles got a re-design and didn't know that.

What did the cashier do that was rude and racist?

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