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I have shopped Aldi in several states but mostly in Asheville, NC for 7 years. Last week I decided to return several non-food items that I haven't used.

These products are not carried on a regular basis. All were of good quality and a good value and in new condition with all packaging. Within the past few months Aldi has become very strict about having a receipt for ALL returns. Knowing this, I had dug up three different receipts for items purchased on three different occasions.

The store manager handled my return. She had a very bad attitude and humiliated me since I hadn't returned the items sooner. I explained I couldn't use them as expected and just wanted a refund. She read me the riot act and laboriously explained Aldi's 90 day return policy.

One item was recently purchased. A second came barely within the 90 days, which she reminded me of, and the third had been purchased 5 months ago. It was a kettlebell set. Since I have had multiple recent joint problems (shoulder, knee, neck and back) I decided I had better not use the kettlebells and have been under treatment of an orthopedic surgeon throughout this time period.

She flatly refused to give me a refund. I asked her if she thought it was worth losing a long-time customer over a lousy $25 (on an item fully resaleable.) She berated me in front of the store within earshot of several other employees and customers, insisting that "in six months you should have been able to decide whether you needed this." I explained my physical limitations were the cause of my not yet having used the kettlebells and also my reason for returning them. She was insistent that the policy is 90 days and stated there is a sign posted in the store detailing their policy (which I still have not seen.) Usually I don't do business with stores with poor return policies or those that have changed their policies to make them less customer friendly. I am a regular shopper at Aldi and all of the employees know me and recognize me.

I would estimate I have spent thousands of dollars in this particular store at Patton Ave in Asheville over the past few years. I asked for her district manager's name and phone number which she readily provided. I called the district manager, left a message and have never gotten any call back whatsoever for approximately a week. I will try to reach him again.

I would also like to express to him my dissatisfaction in being rudely treated whenever I return something to Aldi. They make it very inconvenient to return anything. My first experience with their apparently new receipt insistence policy was when I returned a leaking gallon of milk a few months ago and was very loudly and rudely asked "Do you have a receipt?" by an employee who has seen me in there dozens of times, even having checked my out on numerous occasion. I am anal about keeping my purchase receipts and was able to provide one on that occasion and others.

My 82 year-old step-father had a very similar experience when trying to return a heating pad a few months ago, when he had no receipt. This was a $5 item. He was refused a refund even though the item hadn't even been opened. I understand their insistent policy but I think it should be spelled out on the signs at the entrances of all Aldi stores, probably near the sign where shopping carts are dispensed.

This way customers and prospective customers can be fully informed in advance of their purchases, not later when they come to return something they are dissatisfied with for a refund. Aldi does offer a very good value for shoppers and is a Billion dollar company based in Germany. Its founder's family wealth rivals the Walton's of Walmart. I think this company could make an occasional exception to their strict returns policy on a per-case-basis.

It is merely a matter of good business judgement. This manager did a poor job and left me a very dissatisfied customer. Of course, I will give the district manager a chance to hear me out and make this right. As of now I have no idea if I will ever hear from him.

Meanwhile, I will think twice about stopping at Aldi or shopping there for anything that may possibly need to be returned. That is NOT good customer service and should be rectified.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Oh and you didn't loose money because you got what you paid for! You probably would try to return enemas a year later that were used saying that they only worked one time so you want your money back


People tend to forget that shopping at a grocery store is a privilege and not a right. Your first world problems are irrelevant.

And by the way, if you are going to return perfectly good food... Don't, the store has to throw it away anyways by law so suck it up and eat it or donate it yourself


I just returned from taking 90% of a ham back to Aldi that 3 of us agreed had a bad taste. And I'm a guy who eats anything and everything so when I can detect something wrong with food there is an issue.

I had the wrapper for identification (Aldi brand) but no receipt and the cashier not only gave me my money back but gave me a new ham no charge!! I couldn't believe it and absolutely did not expect that but thank you Aldi!!!


That is why the creator blessed us with the sense of taste and smell. That way, if we are about to eat something that is bad for us, we are alerted by the smell or the taste that something is wrong with it and that we should just throw it away. When I go to soup kitchens or free meal places, the overwhelming stench of the fellow patrons alerts me to the fact that these people are very dirty with millions of germs crawling all over their body and that I am much better off leaving immediately without eating and just going hungry.


REALLY! You are an idiot.

Do you not understand the policy? People like you are the reason there are such policies. It would never cross most decent people's mind to return something after having it for 6 months. Donate it to Goodwill.

The staff is probably relieved you are not coming back. You are a troublemaker, they are only doing their job.


They have return policies for a reason. Your items within 90 days were refunded because it falls within the policy.

After 5 or 6 months, you are way out of the 90 days policy time frame and that's YOUR fault, not theirs.

Its probably any item they no longer have on their shelves to resell (since you keep saying it wasn't open). Don't blame the manager for following the store's policy


I agree with you returns with receipts should be easy, however after a few by the same person or family the privilege seems abused.


If I have the receipt, can i return after 90 days


After 5 months, you shoulda just eaten the $25 in my opinion.


Lolol my word. Get over it.

Follow store policy or shop somewhere else. Dont blame the woman simply following company policy.

If you buy something you cant use, its not up to the store to have you return it. Half a year is a long time, and 90 days is triple what most stores offer.


Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!


I just wasted my eyesight reading this *** get a life !!!


As a business owner myself, you are the type of customer I would definitely make an exception for. Don't listen to all the other punk comments here...

they don't understand good business practices OR how to treat the more decent human beings out there, such as yourself.

You are the reason all stores used to say, "The customer is always right!" I'm sorry the world has been reduced to such poor human interaction on the whole. But don't lose your class.


I wholeheartedly agree.


I couldn't agree more. Employees like that store manager give stores a bad reputation. A good manager needs to have above all good customer service skills and exceptions should be made on a case to case basis when handling returns.


So many *** here smh I've returned stuff two years old and never used smh cause I also save receipts and honestly we end up with stuff we don't really need or use sometimes . That's why I shop at Ross and stores with good return or exchange policies I don't like to throw my money away I have worked customer service and retail and had to deal with policies and customers it made me miserable so guess wht I did!? Changed work field smh some of you should go do the same apparently smh


You sound ignorant when you use smh all the time. Get a life! Smh


I actually side with them. It is absolabsol ridiculous that you think after 5 months.

Almost half a year that you can return the product. She is right. You should have known before that. I have worked in customer service.

You are the idiots I hate dealing with. Like why after so long would you think anyone would take a return. You say buyer beware at the top of this article. Like lol.

Your an ***. She handled it perfectly.... I can't even wrap my mind around this.... Like my mind will not comprehend why you think that it is OK after 5 months to return a product.

Seriously. The one close to 90 days Idk if I would have taken back either. Who knows if you used this stuff and resealed it. In my opinion 30 days is a perfectly reasonable max return time.

If you owned a business. Or you sold something on Craigslist and 5 months later the person was like I don't want it... Again. We aren't talking about a month, or two...

Or even 3...we are talking about ALMOST HALF OF AN ENTIRE YEAR and you have the nerve to be on here complaining. Holy *** you must have no life.


I think you are seriously over reacting, probably needed some extra cash and decided to return some stuff. Who keeps receipts for months??

You sound ridiculous. And yes,in 6 months you should have known if you needed a kettle bell set or not... so come on!?! Really?!

You sound ridiculous trying to make an excuse as to why this is ok.

It's not. A 90day return policy is fair in my opinion but I don't return items months later either.

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